Saturday, July 29, 2017

A Goodbye Post :)

Hey how do you do buddy? I have been incredibly busy this summer break. I have been committing a lot of my time for work and I think I am burned out already before school starts. Oh god this is bad. But you know what? Thank god, I got a job(s) here! I have the privilege to work as an assistant architect for the city, as a research assistant to my professor and as a partner with an amazing person anyone can ask for in a whole lots of design competitions we have taken. A lot of offers and opportunities have yet to come in as well: I have been invited to be a TA, been asked by people to join their team, been offered a position that I have dreamed of. I prayed hard (and maybe worked hard?) for all of these. Well I am actually writing to say that I am graduating next year and as of June 2018, I will be an environmental designer, an urban designer or a landscape architect (unlicensed), however you want to call me. And, I will be applying for master's degree in architecture somewhere I haven't decided yet, but I know it will be in the North American continent. And I guess this is it then. I havent been back for 4 years and I think I am never coming back home again cause I am going to be hell lot busy. Just kidding but is it worth it though? Maybe for the food and the friends, if they still remember me. But yeah, I think I have found the place I belong in. Next time, if I am ever back, I will be a visitor (and a designer). And I guess, this will also be my final post in this blog. Thanks for having been a very good listener, gweekent.

ONE MORE THING: My online portfolio is under construction right now but it will be ready early 2018 maybe? We'll see. tada~

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