Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Pattern Through Shadow

Project 03 - Design as Research [part 2 - paperfolding]

Choosing the theme: "Pattern" as well as selecting the legendary architect, Christopher Alexander, for my project, I am creating a 3D-form from a single sheet of paper which exhibits interesting repetitions.

I am greatly influenced by Alexander who establishes and uses the 15 properties of good design, as described in his book The Nature of Order, in every of his works. His works also consist of interesting repetitions which do not bore eyes.

Paper folding, I really had no idea about it! until I did some more research and I found interesting paperfolds that amazingly inspires me. It urges me to create a complex 3D-form from a very basic shape (rectangle). The composition achieve a very great symmetrical balance, unified and harmonious form and excellent repetitions.

[popupology. photograph. November 18, 2009. Flickr, http://www.flickr.com/photos/popupology/ (last accessed November 4, 2014)]

Interestingly, I have created my own 3D-form but was disappointed with my result, very! Then, I saw interesting shadows formed in my model and Eureka! I got an idea! Why not create patterns through shadows? I am pretty sure it exhibits very interesting patterns if light is struck down from different directions.

"Pattern through Shadow" by Kenneth Anggara
The video might interest you more. And I am very thankful for the assistance of my friend, Dave, who helped me with the lighting! Thank you so much Dave!

note. I swear the quality changed when I uploaded the video. I am truly sorry for the bad quality.


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