Tuesday, August 12, 2014

To that girl, I say Happy 20th Birthday!

August 13, this date always reminds me of my special person's birthday. The girl whom I had a crush on, the girl whom I loved so much and she who broke my heart into pieces. To that girl, I would like to say Happy 20th Birthday! and I wish all the very best for her :)

"Something always brings me back to you, it never takes too long." 
Sara Bareilles' Gravity

How have you been doing? I expect your answer to be either fine or good or great. Bad, not good, not fine, and other similar responses, these adjectives you have never used when you replied my texts. But I knew, I always knew what was going on and that you needed someone to share with, I knew, I knew. And now let me ask you again with different tone, how have you and your guy been doing?

True! I said let bygones be bygones. But it is easier said than done.You know, whenever I look at your pictures with your boy, it makes me mad. True! I am very jealous. To think I would be the most brokenhearted person after we parted, that I have never thought of becoming. But often I wonder why did you, no, HOW COULD YOU do that to me? How could you do that behind me? How could you secretly date the guy whom you only knew for quite some months. HOW COULD YOU? I just... could not believe it.

Do you know? No other women I have met make me so in love but you! And, seven years we have known each other, five years we knew we liked each other and three years... And for those three years I have been waiting very patiently. Those three years I knew but I pretended like I knew nothing. I was aware! I knew a lot of guys had confessed to you but I had faith in you. I trusted you and Yep! you rejected every single one of them. But, why not the last guy?

I knew he had been chasing you for the past months and you rejected him several times. But what made you change your mind at last? Did you feel guilty for rejecting him too many times? And did you NOT feel guilty for breaking my heart? Did you know how brokenhearted I have become? And do you know this scar you inflicted still persists in my heart? I sound pathetic, not?

But it's the past, Kenneth, and you have to let it go! my mind tells me. Will I let it go? Maybe. And yet, you have made your decision anyway and that was the path you chose. And what can I do? I knew you are a smart girl and so, you know what and how to pick what's best for you. So, go on! Keep on going! And, don't look back! And, happy birthday my girl. Be Happy, forever! :)
But there is one thing you have to know: I am still waiting for you. Happy Birthday!


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