Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Sims 3 Home Design (6)

It's been more than a year I haven't touched The Sims 3 (cause I was way too focus on League of Legends). Then what makes me decide to come back to Sim-ing? Internet! This freaking lame internet in this house! I am living with the other 7 students here and all of us consume internet like food and water. Worse is when you live in the basement and the wifi is lying down on the main floor! You won't get at all a stable, if not any, connection. With such connection, how the hell can I enjoy my League of Legends?

But anyway, I am bringing back another present from The Sims 3. And, here's another The Sims 3 design, of course by me :) This piece looks more of a contemporary design with some woody touch. And one HIGHLY IMPORTANT thing to note: some objects used in my design are NOT owned by me. Credits to The Sims Resource's artists who have spent their time creating these wonderful crafts. Thank you :)
and don't mind my complain about the internet, btw.


Front View
Back View
Side View (my favorite view actually)


Basement (Gaming Room and Sports too)
Main Floor (Garage; Kitchen, 2 Dining Rooms, 2 Washrooms, Main Bedroom, Living Rooms, other rooms)
Second Floor (5 Bedrooms + 1 butler's room in the garage, Studio Room, Office, other rooms)
Roof, just roof.


Main Bedroom on the first floor (It's my bedroom!)

Main Dining Room in red to stimulate the people's, Sims' here, appetites
Main Kitchen and a small dining room for five.
Washroom, nothing special.
Well, another Washroom. anw, it's my personal washroom!
Personal Office from entry perspective.
And another Office from different perspective.
My very own Studio Room. No trespassing!
Garage with some vehicles, am not really interested in automotive tho.

I know, I know I do not show you all the rooms (that's too many pictures for a post). So, I am only showing the main rooms of this house in this post. And... and, I know I suck at gardening, but don't worry! I will work hard to improve my landscaping skill.


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