Sunday, August 10, 2014

Gimli! (after final exam)

Summer course is indeed never fun, seriously! Oh well, Summer is intended to be a long break specially for students (and teachers). my bad to take a course during Summer! It is somewhat suffocating for me to study at rather quick pace and it's a freaking online course. It was an Environmental Science course which for me, is pretty intriguing yet challenging. The final was very specific, personally saying. Lucky me I revised a week before the exam. I will be doing fine in this course. #optimist.

So... the following day (after my stressful exam) I went to Gimli. Yay! I was the only Indonesian guy who went to Gimli with the university. My Indo friends, well most of them are going back, but those who stay could not make it because of their freaking finals held on the weekend, really! But no worries, I could make some friends there!

A bit about Gimli. Gimli is a very nice vacation spot with tons of recreation attractions. Back then, Gimli was founded by the Icelandic settlers more than a hundred years ago. Here, you can taste the Icelandic treats which are very sweet and filling, try more local food, see and learn more about historic places, and of course enjoy the beach! Check more about Gimli, here.

From U of M, we departed at eight past five (yeah, five minutes late) and the trip took like an hour and thirty minutes, so let's say we arrived there at 9:30. We were allowed to explore but we had to meet up at 12:45 for some tour. Coming alone here without any friends and not knowing the area well and worse, not having any plan for my cell, I really had to stick up with some other guys! I just didn't want to get lost. And yes! I was paired with the other 4 awesome people - David, Yenly, Charles, and Tasneem - and together, we began our journey haha.
[from here on, you will see less texts and more pictures]

These are the five awesome people ;)

Gimli Bakery
sells lots of Icelandic sweet treats! (the upper left is Vinatarta)

 Mermaid's Kiss Gallery MUST VISIT!
Lots of interesting artworks by Kenneth Gordon and more artists.

Chicken Chef
For lunch, we went to this restaurant and most of us, except Tasneem and Charles, had boneless chicken served with honey garlic sauce with side dish.

 Near A-Spire Theatre, a more-than-one-century-year-old church is still standing firmly.
The three of us (Charles, Tasneem and I) were the only students to to have the chance to enter this holy church. We learnt and heard more about this sacred and historic place. We felt very blessed for this opportunity.

It was at 1 sharp, tour started and the four of us (exclude Charles) were busy taking pictures and it cost us the tour (but managed to catch up in the museum). But that's okay, we had fun! :)

New Iceland Heritage Museum
Learn and hear about the Vikings and more here! anw, we caught up with the tour in the museum.



 And this walk to the harbor area ends our journey in Gimli! :)

 Thanks for the fun we had!
From cyan-colored sandal: Tasneem, Kent (Me), Dave, and Yenly [clock-wise]

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