Sunday, June 08, 2014

Rework: Only You Can Hear Me...


Getting really tedious with the plain black-and-white view, Gweenkent has finally updated his visual look of his blog as well as added some new touches here and there. 

And the new visual appearance of the blog shall look like this: new look

The notion behind this concept is I was simply very inspired by League of Legends and its elegant champion Sona, the Maven of the Strings.

I was very interested in how League of Legends design their champions especially with the lore, background and abilities. And I was also very drawn into Sona as soon as I practiced with her. Her submissive yet elegant look in her face, long blue with shiny golden floating hair and sexy body wrapped in a splendid, luxurious dress and of course, her instrument have all lured me to pick her as my main support champion in the League of Legends and as the primary concept for this blog.

Sona (original skin)
Silent Night Sona
The blog was not only visually reworked but it also received some additional features. As how League of Legends inspired me, I have garnished and added four new features to my blog; the three main elements are Lore, Background and Abilities. Please check those.

And finally, the updated version of has been renamed into Only You Can Hear Me... which was inspired by Sona.
"Only you can hear me, Summoner. What masterpiece shall we play today?"- Sona (Upon Selection)
Because Sona possesses no ability to speak, this response is understood to be magic telepathy with her summoner. Only her summoner, Only me can hear her words. And her quote is simply very applicable here because in this blog, only you can hear me...