Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Official Bison!

April might not be a good month for me to play League of Legends. Guess what? I was unable to win a single match from a total of ten battles. WAIT! Let me correct, I mean, I only managed to triumph in one normal PVP! So freaking mad and tired I was after the game! It had been the godawful-est 6 hours spent on that gruesome day! Well fortunately, the single victory did pretty much to ameliorate my mood
(if not even one winning match, I will quit LoL-ing! kidding)

After a hurricane, comes a rainbow as a phrase from Fireworks goes. While in my case: after a hurricane, comes a flood. Compositions (which I forgot to check), test papers, reports and a flood of paper were heading towards me. "I GOTTA FINISH THESE SH*TS TODAY!" I uttered.

So, I had my own 40 students then I did some mathematics to figure out how many paper that I need to check and fill in. The number is pretty significant to me, 123! (an absolutely easy-to-remember number). And if you checked in Lolking, I had a five-day off from League just to deal with the paper.

Few days after the hurricane had stopped, the flood subsided. Everything has settled down and went back to normal. And a rainbow came too! It's a double rainbow ;) My study permit was approved. It's like a payoff to what I have been through. Another thing is, I would be leaving my home again the following week. Yep, I would be travelling again, alone :) I stayed one night in KL, then traveled to Hong Kong, Vancouver (only the airports though), and finally I arrived at my final destination, Winnipeg. Final destination, bit horror I think it sounds...

And here I am, residing with a mexican-canadian family with three other students from China, typing in front of computer and pouring out what was in my mind. anw, I did experience a horrible jet lag, now it's better although I still can't manage to sleep until 3 or 4. 

So, how do I feel about Winnipeg?
I mean, lots of people keep asking me about this. So here is my answer: Well, pretty much, I love Winnipeg! The only drawback I currently can think of is TERRIBLE WEATHER! It's freaking Spring and it was like 10 or 12 Celcius and can go as low as -5. I think it's getting better now cause Summer is coming~

And, four or five days after arrival, I visited University of Manitoba, the university I was admitted into as a faculty of science student. I learnt that it is a hugeeeee university and offered lots of programs and majors. With various programs and awesome university, super-friendly-and-welcoming Winnipegers, I am proud to be part of this university!

University of Manitoba Administration Building (