Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day 2014!

No! It's not going to be a Happy SAD (Single Awareness Day) to me. I mean, I am loved by everyone here haha? What am I talking about. Girlfriend, I don't have currently but that does not mean I cannot celebrate Valentine's Day! I celebrated with co-workers and students as well as my family instead.

"Teachers wear Pink on 14 February!" my pretty boss warned. I am, honestly, one employee who does everything in my own way. Not wearing uniform is one example. I know I am quite rebellious but it can't be helped. Miraculously thoughI just obeyed her which I have rarely done so. AND I wore pink, oops! As an art student, I would call it tinted purplish pink. Will post no picture of how I look in that T-shirt cause I just looked so manly in it lol.

Co-workers and some staffs were also quite shocked to see me in a pink tinted purplish pink T-Shirt. "How can a Kenneth obey to wear pink?" asked one staff. Well, my reply was simple: I will wear any formal clothing or pink T-Shirt as long as it's not a uniform! cause I freaking hate the uniform! lol

Anyway, Classes were a lot of fun just now. We did some crazy fun things, talk and discuss about boyfriends and girlfriends stuffs, and of course, ate chocolates and biscuits (provided by form teachers and students). A class of mine made something for me as well lol. It is indeed a clown class and 

I hella love this class and other classes so much this term!

It is indeed not one beautifully-crafted card but I do appreciate it and thank you lol. Thanks Step 10 and Happy Valentine's Day to you and all my other classes as well as readers hahaha.. btw, it's Happy Valentine's not Valentine, guys:)