Friday, January 10, 2014

2013: One Wonder Year Has Passed


2013, one wonderful year indeed! 
Amazing country, great college and awesome people - all is what I have met in the year of Rabbit (in Chinese). 

2013 was the year when I started my real adventure - to pursue my dream in a completely different world from mine, the year when I grew up - mentally and physically - to be a (bit) more mature and independent young man, the year when I experienced the real wonders! Well, for all that, I still did experience slopes off and on this year.

So, What has been so amazing in the year 2013?

Well, a lot actually! So looking back to the year 2013, here is a list of what I have possibly learned (and accomplished):

  • Use a vacuum cleaner and a clog
  • Cook nuggets (food) in oven - I fried all the time
  • Use an automatic cashier
  • Learn to adapt to a completely new environment
  • Learn to be incredibly on time
  • Say Hello and Good Morning or smile to passer-by and people
  • Learn to play League of Legends
  • Learn to be a good artist, speaker, and writer
  • Learn to be an impressive, inspiring teacher (or class leader, the term I prefer) to many learners
  • And I can continue writing until hell freezes over.
Do you experience any downs? What have been your failures?

I couldn't deny that I, for sure, also experienced a lot of downs that past year. And if you think I did not have any slopes, you're all wet! Who never experience down(s) in life?

It was not a great time when I experienced those bad moments. However I would not take that as failures! I will take that as good experience and lessons for me to learn from. Anw, a list of my failures (as I did for my accomplishment) isn't really necessary in this post right?

What's your New Year's Resolution?

Simple yet many! To be alive, to maintain my GPA, to lose some weight, to make my friends (and students) or anyone play League of Legends, and these are just some of my resolutions for this year.

Final Message or Wish?

Joys and wonders have filled my (and maybe, your) year 2013 and this year of 2014 will hopefully be another, if not more, joyful and wonderful year for me and other people! Happy New Year!!


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