Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spring Quarter: Week 10 Just Gone!

Spring Quarter was my second quarter and is a much busier quarter than the Winter but... it's worth the time! I have learnt a lot in this quarter, learn to become a good artist, a better writer, and a credible speaker.


Every teacher in my class has this to say about Week 10.

Danielle: Week 10 everybody! Yeah, We make it!
[instructor of English Composition]

Katherine: Hellooo everyone! Good morningg :) Week 10!
[instructor of Public Speaking]

Luark: Believe it or not, it's week 10 now!
[instructor of Color Theory and Design]


And with just a blink, it's Week 10 now which means it's a final week!! btw, I am just done with this quarter so I wanna say,
Good luck for those who are still having final for the next two days!

So anw, last quarter, my most favorite instructor goes to Luark. This quarter, it goes to Katherine
Katherine has really been such an awesome instructor! 

I really like her class. Very time-consuming but very rewarding
Gain a lot of things from this class. I, who do not like speech, was stunned by Katherine with her energetic and friendly presence and teaching style. She has changed me a lot! Never have I met such a teacher who is so dedicated to teaching. I feel like I am a better speaker now than I was 10 Weeks ago :p

In her public speaking class, I learn how to write informative, persuasive and protest speech. The types of language used in each speech are different. I also learn how to develop my ethos as a speaker through delivery, content, references, visual aids, etc. 

It was an amazing class with amazing friends :) They have been so supportive throughout the quarter and always gave positive feedback to one another. Katherine's constructive feedback and assignment have also played a good role in improving me to be a good speaker. 
Thank you so much for being a wonderful instructor! :) anw, Katherine, I will miss your bucket full of candies :p

Week 10 was finally ended up with a protest speech and a hug from my professors and a photo with my most awesome art instructor :)

prof. Luark and me


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