Friday, June 14, 2013

Protest Speech


So, this is what I did for my Public Speaking class' final! 
Correct! It's Protest Speech :) This speech was special! We had to go out from our warm dent and protest outside the baseball field while facing the Washington state's weather. Protest? Outside? It must be scary. Indeed! But it's so much fun, it's cold though. 

Anw, what is important in protest speech is that: As a speaker, I am rallying to take action, not provoking! Ethics in protest speaking are very important (which means NO VIOLENCE, NO HARSH LANGUAGE, etc!). The goals and action promoted are both important in this type of speech as well. I was speaking to the audience who was on my side and shares the same concerns, agreements and values like I do. And once again, a speaker MUST NOT provoke, but rally and stir up the audience to take action!

Rules of protest speech in this class:
* Establish ethos through language, delivery and content!
* Rally, NOT provoke!
* Use at least 2 protest posters.
* Give a good solution and action (NO VIOLENT ACT).
* Speech should be at least 3 mins with 5 mins maximum.
* Use at least 6 types of Figures of speech! (repetition, alliteration, hyperbole, etc)

With the protest posters (or slogans I could say) at the back, I was protesting that euthanasia should be allowed in the US.

 "Several people are suffering and dying as we speak this momentright now! Are we just going to sit and see them suffering? Are we just going to let them face such painful and pitiful death? Are we just going to let the government take our freedom? Our right to die with dignity?  No! We’re just not going to let these happen!" 
- My protest speech transition


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