Saturday, May 04, 2013

Spring's Life

I am finally back blogging :) 
Oh yeah! before I forgot, I want to announce two things!
  1. I will not be updating my blog frequently this month since my midterm has just started.
  2. I will update my Art Assignment if time allows.

btw, Spring quarter will be ending soon! Ugh well, believe it or not, time passes so quickly without our realization. It's 4 more weeks and it's done... I am glad, however :) You know what? My Spring's life has been busy and messy. I slept only for 5 hours most of the time and sometimes don't sleep at all due to the so much freaking homework.

Aghh! I have taken classes unwisely this quarter but, oh well, I do not regret taking them since these three classes are a lot of fun (the homework isn't). Guess what? Art is, of course, my most favorite field of study. English is also great, interesting and  homework is, I can say it's fine. The problem is just I must get up at 4 every morning (I need to catch the bus). Well, Speech is... the most exhausting class I take this quarter. Her class does require the students to do lots lots of research for speech and discussion. Well, this class is pretty burdensome but I believe, 
it will be the most rewarding class EVER! 
I love Katherine, her class, my classmates, the subject, I love everything!

Another thing to mention is, Hey guys! do you play League of Legends?
I just started playing this Spring, I am still new :p
Add me, add me :)
My char is : gweenkent
My most favorite champion is : Veigar, the tiny evil master :3
Veigar by Anarki3000 (
I really like to use mages in battles. He's so 'handsome' lol. I mean super strong :)

I am playing it so often recently. And I am looking forward to playing with you guys :) 
Ohh! But but, homework is overloading. Ugh, My Spring's Life is full of assignment. Oh Crap!


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