Thursday, May 23, 2013

Food Blending: Fried Rice

It's always great to try something new, especially food! Well, who doesn't love to eat? Everyone does and I am too (although I am a little bit picky). And last two weeks (perhaps), my housemate and I had to prepare dinner for ourselves because our host mother had something urgent to do.  

And guess what? We decided to go for fried rice for our dinner. We then decided to share half of our portion to each of us. This is what-so-called as FOOD BLENDING :p


Problems are:
I like spicy (very very spicy), but he doesn't.
I like salty food, but he doesn't.
I like to use lots of spices and sauce, but he doesn't.
He likes to use vegetable to cook fried rice, but I don't.
He used little tini-tiny butter to cook fried rice, but I use A LOT.


It's a challenge for us, specially for me. I really like to use lots of spices in my cooking: Onion and garlic powder; salt, sugar (only a pinch) and pepper; paprika powder; chili powder; plus the sauce - sweet and salty soy sauce. And sometimes, I even cook with chili sauce. But knowing that he doesn't like spicy, I really have to avoid this chili thing. Well, I still used the spices but I tried to lessen the amount of the spices I usually use to half. And believe it or not, it still smells good :p The taste? Well, of course, I guarantee you! It's 100% tasty :9 LOL

You might wonder why my friend prefers a simple, plain fried rice. It's not that because he cannot cook. It's just he was brought up into a very very healthy family. Food is with very little salt, little spices, and little sauce and is cooked with very little oil. Very healthy, isn't it? Indeed!

My Fried Rice - Indonesian Version
Jacky's Fried Rice - Hong Kong Version
And the Fusion looks like:

Close up view: Fried Rice Blends [HK + ID]
This is what likely to happen when Indonesian and Hong Kong food meet together :P

My next Food Blending episode would be: Noodles LOL


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