Tuesday, May 14, 2013

19: One Year Older and Cuter Too :P

I am having a 'one-derful' day today :) I have turned 19 this month which means I am growing older, oh no! (and cuter, oh yes! LOL). But thanks God, I made it to 19 :) oh yeah, Happy Mother's Day as well! <3

Turning 19 means I have to be a more fine teen. I have to start developing the thinking of a mature man since 19 is the last stage of being a teenager. "The final stage of being a teenager" sounds insane, doesn't it? Ugh, how not? It was like a dream of mine to grow up and wear a formal suit and work in a big company. This feels like "I was just saying this yesterday" and just in another one year, I will own the title of "young adult".

Well, I will definitely enjoy my final stage of being a teenager and so my last 10 teenage wishlist would be:


(1)Accepted by and transfer to ISU next year and get the scholarship.
If none of the universities I applied to accept me, I would go back home :P

(2)Develop my art skills.

           (3)Maintain my GPA.

(4)Contribute more to BC Art Club.

(5)Own a small studio.

Learn to think, act, and do like a fine man. (6)

Spend my time and travel with my family and dearest friends. (7)

                              Go back teaching (and open a club). (8)

Spend some time volunteering. (9)

Learn something new. (10)


anw, thanks to those of you who have greeted and given me great wishes in my 19 birthday and I wanna give my special thanks to my very dearest friends in the following paragraphs :)

Thanks so much, Linda <3
Thank you for your special post, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNETH!, dedicated only to me :p 
you know what? I am not the "cool" guy like what you mentioned. I just don't talk much to strangers haha... But as time goes on, we develop our friendship and our relationship is now beyond friends. We are now very very close friends :) I am really glad to have known you :')
You are the only friend along with Jessica and Jeje whom I can really trust. 
Photo by Linda (mushypudding.blogspot.com)
Thanks soo muchhh <3
I really can't wait for the time where we will chat silly things again. One more quarter girls and I will be home darlings hahaha...
btw, I am glad that you still remember that 'moment' when I escaped from ST's punishment. I am smart, ain't I? :P

Thanks so much, jeje :)
Your are my really special friend whom I can share something with. Thank you so much for your calligraphic. It's... really beautiful.
Calligraphic by Jeje
I thank you for your kindness :) I am very glad to know you, je. We really develop a strong friendship although we just began to get close in  the second year of senior high school.
Photo by Jeje
Thanks sooo much jeje <3
I really wish the best for your study je in SG. I really can't wait to meet you in December je :)

and finally, thanks so much, my KT :)
I really can't wait until the time we can chat like mad again haha...

Well, I can't deny that I am becoming older as day goes on, but am I growing as a man (meaning more mature)? I can't tell that. It's not a place for me to judge but you guys, esp my closest friends and family.
Okay friends, am I becoming more mature as time passes?
19: One year older (and cuter) LOL

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