Monday, April 01, 2013

Spring Quarter Starts.

Happy 1st April and happy April Fools!

Nah, My Spring term has just begun! Will be having miserable and suffering life throughout this quarter LOL. But anw, This quarter is just so different, I mean, I am so excited to go to school and to study. Seems legit. Seriously! I am just so excited to study this quarter :) I got English Composition class, Public Speaking class, and another class is, of course, Art class which is a Color class.

I am so very really highly determined to maintain my grade. I seriously want to have an unweighted GPA! But I am pretty much an unorganized student. And somehow, I think I put too much effort particularly on the subject I love the most. I must try to avoid these to get good grades! 
I am going to work hard and spend my time wisely and 'evenly'.

emmm... I just had my first day done today! It was... absolutely GREATT! I love all the classes I take. First and earliest class I take this quarter is English Composition with prof Newton! She is very strict  and has very very high expectations on us! She is very clear with everything and I think she will definitely be a great teacher.
"I never fail a student who works hard in this class."

Second class is my Public Speaking! I took this class with Ms. Katherine!
"When you are delivering your speech, I will be your first biggest fan!"
This class will perhaps be my most favorite class this Spring quarter. I mean, she is so amazingly energetic and lively! She talks fast but She is very helpful! Need three speeches to succeed in this class - Informative, Persuasive and Protest speech. The last speech, Protest speech, is kind of interesting. guess what? We will be delivering our last speech publicly in the field, baseball field actually :p But overall she's really a nice teacher.  I think this class will really meet my expectation :)

Last class would be my Design: Color :) Another class with Prof. Luark! I really really love her class so much. That's why I continue taking another art class with her. She is really 'my' teacher. I mean she has all the personalities and traits I expect from a teacher. 
She is extremely helpful, very clear, reviews and gives great feedback and comments which are very concerning to others' feelings, knows what she teaches, smiles a lot and I found her a little bit humorous sometimes! She does expect her students to do very well in this class but she is also very very understanding :) 
"Just do the best you can! I know you all have a lot of homework so, just do the best you can do."

Oh yeah, anw my schedule is very relaxing! Just need to go to college 3 days a week which is MWF! Nice huh? Yet, it will definitely not be as relaxing as being said. HOMEWORK!!! There will be lots lots lots of homework!

"Raging Over My Homework" by XnubcakeX (