Thursday, March 14, 2013

Woodshop is Over!

I am taking ART 108 which is a 2-credit wood working class besides ART 110(my 2D design)

Okay, Art 108 is instructed by Gretchen and it's a small class with 15 maximum. With that being said, my class is probably the smallest class ever with only 8 humans! 
It's only a short class, only half quarter anddd.. easy :) No homework! We just spent our time shaping our practice board and making our bench. Test is easy as well :)

We were asked to make a bench, or a stool maybe(?), to pass this class. 
Like seriously! I have never had any experience in any wood working before. 
I was so afraid that I could not pass this class but I did pass the class :) anyway, this is only a pass-fail class which will not affect our GPA even if I fail this class.

So, first three weeks we were practicing with our practice board. There were really a lot of horrifying (if misused) machines in the shop and it's dusty. Saw dust everywhere.

So for our practice board, we were dealing with router, drill press, table saw, band saw, and other-saw and machines. I will show two pictures of my done practice board. tara~

Then we spent the rest of the week making our bench :) It's scheduled to be finished next Monday but since this was only a super small class, we all have done with our bench.

My bench or stool or whatever took me five meetings to finish. anw, I got a 12" x 1" x 8' popler for my project which was 41 bucks with tax from Home Depot! It's just so expensive but it worths the money because I like the natural color.

and from the above solid wood, I convert it to a bench, stool(?) or a medium end table... aghh whatever!

and taraaa~ my own constructed medium bench end table!

Whaddaya think? 

Guess my winter quarter is almost over. I am already done with three classes yesterday and today. One more left to go!



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