Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Unique Truth about Value

Still remember the questions I threw in my last post, ART 110 Final ProjectsMy question was

In my Value Scale projects, why are we required to glue a mid-tone to every module except to the mid-tone itself?

Do you know why?

Perhaps reading my lecture might assist you in seeking the answers before you answer my question lol... But seriously, it might help you :)


First, Try to focus your eye on the image below.

Gray on dark background

 Gray on white background

And now, try to see this image. 
Focus your eye on the WHOLE image!


Okay, maybe another image might help.

Now try to look at this image.

Imagine a weird amoeba is covering the middle path.
Focus your eyes on the middle vertical gray line.

now, do you see any difference?

Do you see the difference in the value?


The middle gray line seems to change a little in value as it goes down from light to darker areas. It becomes lighter when it shifts down to the darker area but believe it or not, it's still the same value of the gray.

"Note how your perception of particular lightness or darkness of a value changes depending on the value next to it" (C. Hooper).

Do you get it now? So unique, isn't it?

That's why my instructor wanted us to glue a mini square mid-tone to every of our modules. It is basically to let us know that the value depends on the other value next to it. It is still the same color and value of our mid-tone but it looks as if they differ from one another.

See how the mini gray square differ from one another in each module?
Perhaps, the most contrast and easily seen is by focusing your eyes on the darkest and brightest areas. It looks as if the gray in the whitest area is darker than in the blackest area.



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