Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Sims 3 Home Design (4)

At last!! At last!! I got it!
Just got The Sims 3 expansions pack, Seasons and University, from Morgan! Thanks a lot Morgan! anw, Morgan is a brother of mine (no blood relation btw)

I stopped playing The Sims 3 quite a while not because I was bored, a little maybe(?) I was kind of horrified with the graphic of my home's pc, I mean, it just ruined the beauty of my Sims 3. The graphic was kind of low for I haven't updated my pc's graphic card. And it just ruined everything! It ruined my mood to play The Sims 3 as well, with that low-quality view.

Back to topic! So since I have got a better version of graphic card now, I am going back to The Sims 3 again! anw, I have just finished designing a new home, I mean, yeah I still need a lot of learning to improve my skills. I still need to learn a lot of stuffs here.

So basically, the main theme in this design is very guessable. It is MODERN A more simplified architecture. It's just simply a one-story house. Next time, I will build a two-or-three-story house. And, sorry for the plain landscape. It's pretty boring cause it's pretty unified and passive. I really don't know how to do landscape. Putting too many trees and decorations will make it look chaos. I will, perhaps, learn more landscape design to help improving my garden look. I'm sorry it just looks awful.

Main Floor
Roof (?) Top part perhaps
Basement is my Art Room!
Kind of interesting to have my Art Room in basement
Living Room  
Pretty much it's a very simple design
Bedroom, the one and ONLY!
With lots of bookshelves. I am not a bookworm anw
White Kitchen
Kitchen and Dining Area

Backyard Swimming pool

Next time, I promise I will do much better than this!



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