Thursday, March 28, 2013

Josiah's Birthday

ngg.. how should I start? Perhaps, this way is best.

Josiah is Morgan's younger brother. Morgan is Celeste's eldest son. Celeste is my host mother. So, Josiah is my host mother's youngest son.

I am living with a host family during my stay in US. I live with Wilson Family. Living with a host family could be a challenge yet fun! Well, first time adapting to the new environment and a new family is pretty challenging. Different cultures, language barrier and new house and food are perhaps the challenges. 

Coping with my new family is perhaps my toughest challenge. 
They are playful while I am more a serious-type person. 
They love outdoors but I am more an indoor lover. 
They love sweet food and I prefer spicy food. 
They like jokes A LOT, well, I like jokes but NOT A LOT.

Well, it's pretty challenging but REMEMBER! Every challenge has its fun side. I mean, I learn their culture! It's really fun to know other country's culture, I mean, it really widens my horizon. My English has improved as well. Compare to my friends who live with some other friends from the same country, I think, my English improves much faster than theirs. Taste new food! Well, a person will like it OR they might not. I like to taste different food btw. And living with a house family enables me to meet new friend(s) from different countries, meaning, MORE CULTURES TO LEARN :)

And I have been living with Wilson family for 3 months. Well, they are very nice to me, very cooperative and funny, but sometimes annoying because they could be very noisy. But I love this family anw. They treated me like their own family member haha..

anw, sorry for being so 'OUT FROM TOPIC'.
It's been almost a week since his birthday. Oh yeah, his birthday is on March 23. He has turned 13 for almost a week. btw, I have some photos to show :)

This is Josiah!

and boy with the O-mouth is Morgan

This is neither Morgan nor Josiah.
He is Jacky ! My housemate from Hong Kong

ngg.. This is his birthday cake
Look can be deceiving lol

Wilson Family

Josiah : "I am Cool!"



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