Friday, March 29, 2013

The Sims 3 Home Design (5)

Depressed with the previous modern design, I decided to build another modern house. This time, it's 2-story, more colorful, and more detailed and a little bit chaotic perhaps.

But again I think, the landscape is like 'I feel something is missing'. I am freaking lame in gardening :( Spend approximately 6 hours in this design and I don't use any basement in this house. By the way, I used some kinds of interesting objects, which can't be found in The Sims 3 itself. I downloaded these objects from The Sims Resource.


Front View
Left View 
Right View
Back View
Side View from left
Another Side View from right
Top View - 1st floor
Top View - 2nd floor
Top View - Roof


First floor

Simple Living Room
Dining Room, I love the tree painting...
Mini modern Kitchen

My own simple Bedroom
Second Floor

2nd floor is designated specially for me. I have my second floor as my work place. btw, I am working as an artist here and so, after finishing my artworks, I exhibit them. I really love my second floor :)
Again, some of the fancy objects could not be found in the original The Sims 3! I downloaded them from 
"The Sims Resource" 

Thanks for the great objects anw :)

Exhibition Area




Thursday, March 28, 2013

Josiah's Birthday

ngg.. how should I start? Perhaps, this way is best.

Josiah is Morgan's younger brother. Morgan is Celeste's eldest son. Celeste is my host mother. So, Josiah is my host mother's youngest son.

I am living with a host family during my stay in US. I live with Wilson Family. Living with a host family could be a challenge yet fun! Well, first time adapting to the new environment and a new family is pretty challenging. Different cultures, language barrier and new house and food are perhaps the challenges. 

Coping with my new family is perhaps my toughest challenge. 
They are playful while I am more a serious-type person. 
They love outdoors but I am more an indoor lover. 
They love sweet food and I prefer spicy food. 
They like jokes A LOT, well, I like jokes but NOT A LOT.

Well, it's pretty challenging but REMEMBER! Every challenge has its fun side. I mean, I learn their culture! It's really fun to know other country's culture, I mean, it really widens my horizon. My English has improved as well. Compare to my friends who live with some other friends from the same country, I think, my English improves much faster than theirs. Taste new food! Well, a person will like it OR they might not. I like to taste different food btw. And living with a house family enables me to meet new friend(s) from different countries, meaning, MORE CULTURES TO LEARN :)

And I have been living with Wilson family for 3 months. Well, they are very nice to me, very cooperative and funny, but sometimes annoying because they could be very noisy. But I love this family anw. They treated me like their own family member haha..

anw, sorry for being so 'OUT FROM TOPIC'.
It's been almost a week since his birthday. Oh yeah, his birthday is on March 23. He has turned 13 for almost a week. btw, I have some photos to show :)

This is Josiah!

and boy with the O-mouth is Morgan

This is neither Morgan nor Josiah.
He is Jacky ! My housemate from Hong Kong

ngg.. This is his birthday cake
Look can be deceiving lol

Wilson Family

Josiah : "I am Cool!"



Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Sims 3 Home Design (4)

At last!! At last!! I got it!
Just got The Sims 3 expansions pack, Seasons and University, from Morgan! Thanks a lot Morgan! anw, Morgan is a brother of mine (no blood relation btw)

I stopped playing The Sims 3 quite a while not because I was bored, a little maybe(?) I was kind of horrified with the graphic of my home's pc, I mean, it just ruined the beauty of my Sims 3. The graphic was kind of low for I haven't updated my pc's graphic card. And it just ruined everything! It ruined my mood to play The Sims 3 as well, with that low-quality view.

Back to topic! So since I have got a better version of graphic card now, I am going back to The Sims 3 again! anw, I have just finished designing a new home, I mean, yeah I still need a lot of learning to improve my skills. I still need to learn a lot of stuffs here.

So basically, the main theme in this design is very guessable. It is MODERN A more simplified architecture. It's just simply a one-story house. Next time, I will build a two-or-three-story house. And, sorry for the plain landscape. It's pretty boring cause it's pretty unified and passive. I really don't know how to do landscape. Putting too many trees and decorations will make it look chaos. I will, perhaps, learn more landscape design to help improving my garden look. I'm sorry it just looks awful.

Main Floor
Roof (?) Top part perhaps
Basement is my Art Room!
Kind of interesting to have my Art Room in basement
Living Room  
Pretty much it's a very simple design
Bedroom, the one and ONLY!
With lots of bookshelves. I am not a bookworm anw
White Kitchen
Kitchen and Dining Area

Backyard Swimming pool

Next time, I promise I will do much better than this!



Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Break!

It's March 20 and the Winter as well as my final tests finally and officially end today, and let's welcome the Spring
I have been staying here for almost three months in a freezing cold season and I really couldn't bear the extreme(?) cold weather here. Maybe not that extreme, am just exaggerating.

Well, it is Spring and I am grateful for this season. I can see flowers blooming, enjoy warmer season and sunlight, and have a picnic lol, and most importantly, NO more winter jacket! hahaha... Perhaps, to some, maybe Spring is not a good season as for them it's the season of allergies.

Well, it's just the name "Spring", I mean, it's still freezing cold here and worse, tomorrow will be snow showers(!) as quoted from It didn't even snow during the winter but why will it snow in the second day of Spring? And for the rest of this week, it will be cold but after that, the temperature will gradually increase which means it will get warmer :)

Anyway, I got a 10-day break. yahuhu.... but I don't know what should I be spending those days with? making some artworks or reading art history maybe? Oh yeah, I will be having a field trip with my host family to... ngg.. to.... I don't know but I think it will be lot of fun in a field with lots of tulips :D



Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Unique Truth about Value

Still remember the questions I threw in my last post, ART 110 Final ProjectsMy question was

In my Value Scale projects, why are we required to glue a mid-tone to every module except to the mid-tone itself?

Do you know why?

Perhaps reading my lecture might assist you in seeking the answers before you answer my question lol... But seriously, it might help you :)


First, Try to focus your eye on the image below.

Gray on dark background

 Gray on white background

And now, try to see this image. 
Focus your eye on the WHOLE image!


Okay, maybe another image might help.

Now try to look at this image.

Imagine a weird amoeba is covering the middle path.
Focus your eyes on the middle vertical gray line.

now, do you see any difference?

Do you see the difference in the value?


The middle gray line seems to change a little in value as it goes down from light to darker areas. It becomes lighter when it shifts down to the darker area but believe it or not, it's still the same value of the gray.

"Note how your perception of particular lightness or darkness of a value changes depending on the value next to it" (C. Hooper).

Do you get it now? So unique, isn't it?

That's why my instructor wanted us to glue a mini square mid-tone to every of our modules. It is basically to let us know that the value depends on the other value next to it. It is still the same color and value of our mid-tone but it looks as if they differ from one another.

See how the mini gray square differ from one another in each module?
Perhaps, the most contrast and easily seen is by focusing your eyes on the darkest and brightest areas. It looks as if the gray in the whitest area is darker than in the blackest area.



Thursday, March 14, 2013

Woodshop is Over!

I am taking ART 108 which is a 2-credit wood working class besides ART 110(my 2D design)

Okay, Art 108 is instructed by Gretchen and it's a small class with 15 maximum. With that being said, my class is probably the smallest class ever with only 8 humans! 
It's only a short class, only half quarter anddd.. easy :) No homework! We just spent our time shaping our practice board and making our bench. Test is easy as well :)

We were asked to make a bench, or a stool maybe(?), to pass this class. 
Like seriously! I have never had any experience in any wood working before. 
I was so afraid that I could not pass this class but I did pass the class :) anyway, this is only a pass-fail class which will not affect our GPA even if I fail this class.

So, first three weeks we were practicing with our practice board. There were really a lot of horrifying (if misused) machines in the shop and it's dusty. Saw dust everywhere.

So for our practice board, we were dealing with router, drill press, table saw, band saw, and other-saw and machines. I will show two pictures of my done practice board. tara~

Then we spent the rest of the week making our bench :) It's scheduled to be finished next Monday but since this was only a super small class, we all have done with our bench.

My bench or stool or whatever took me five meetings to finish. anw, I got a 12" x 1" x 8' popler for my project which was 41 bucks with tax from Home Depot! It's just so expensive but it worths the money because I like the natural color.

and from the above solid wood, I convert it to a bench, stool(?) or a medium end table... aghh whatever!

and taraaa~ my own constructed medium bench end table!

Whaddaya think? 

Guess my winter quarter is almost over. I am already done with three classes yesterday and today. One more left to go!