Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!
A work by Geralt (Gerd Altmann)

14th February is always a lovely day for doubles or triples(?) but may not be one for singles. However, being single doesn't always mean that you will never have one lover forever. 

But Valentine isn't always about spending your days with your gf/bf. You guys, specially for the singles, can celebrate the day with friends or families :) And yes, I am single and I am thankful for being single :) I don't really want a relationship because I am afraid to be dumped again :p but seriously, I am just afraid to be the brokenhearted for the second time.

Well anyway, Today's Valentine was a great day to me. Well, I did not get something special from someone special :p but I got something much more special from my fellow artists :) It's truly a great Valentine :) We talked a lot, shared ideas and stuffs, commented and gave great incomes on projects and ate sweet treats. Thanks to Hayla (sorry if I misspelled your name) for the cupcakes and Prof. Luark for the chocolates. This is what-so-called as friendship :) Art class is the best ever. I couldn't find something like this in other classes, too bad!

And my Valentine ended up getting back a project, my Shape Development project. And guess what it is my second and third full-mark project :) Second and third meaning second full-mark in principles of design and third full-mark in developing shapes. So to sum up, I have been getting quite satisfying marks this quarter; A-, A-, A, A, A respectively :) and I am, again, aiming to score a full mark for my Shape Abstraction!

And what was more surprising to me is she is going to put our projects on the board. Well that's a good payment for our hardwork and time :) Art is fun, isn't it?

I think I'm done with this post so, bye~ and probably, I will be posting something special tomorrow or maybe the next next day. Again, Happy Valentine's Day!



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