Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shape Development Project

This project is DEFINITELY the most tiresome project in the world LOL.

But seriously!! this is the most distressing project I have ever got. No wonder she gave us two weeks to work on this shit. oops!

Before I go further, I wanna mention about my Pattern just in few sentences.
You know what? I got a full mark for my Pattern. it was my 1st time getting A guys~

go back to Shape Development
It's a mid-term project which covers 20 SCORES from a total of 100. It's REALLY a lot! And I'm still aiming to score full mark again for this project. However, I am a little bit discouraged when I see my final result. I am really not satisfied with my project this time. But still hope that I could at least score not less than 18.

It's a 2-week project with different stages each meeting.

First week
Meeting ONE
*Gallery Tour
*Assign Shape Development

Meeting TWO
*Preview of previous Students' projects [1]
*Image Selection Review

Second week
Meeting THREE
DUE Texture Rubbing*
Preview of previous Students' projects [2]*
Studio time*

Meeting THREE
Review Progress on Shape Development*
Studio time*


An Overview of My Own Project

Title : Shape Development

Focusing on :
- Unity and Variety
- Balance
- Shapes

Materials :
- White Murano Paper
- Black Murano Paper
- Gray Murano Paper
- Illustration Board
- Tracing Paper

Tools :
- Pencil and eraser
- Scissors, Knife, ruler
- Rubber Cement and its eraser
- Cutting pad
- Carbon paper

1. Find an image from any sources which is likely to fit onto a 9" x 12" format.

2. Trace the image onto tracing paper. Consider basic, large shapes first!

3. Cut your illustration board. Identify whether it's vertical or horizontal.
* VERTICAL - Cut the board to 11" x 14.5"
* HORIZONTAL - Cut the board to  11.5" x 14"

4. Borders are 1" in all side except BOTTOM. Use 1.5" for the bottom.

5. ONLY ALLOWED TO USE THREE COLORS (BWG) or Texture Rubbings or Collage


So, here are the short simple process.

  The image I chose to develop.

Tracing the image.

   Texture Rubbings (NOT USED in my project)

* * * Final Look * * *
* * * * * * * * * *
Forgot to say that, I add some clouds because it looks really horrible when it is without clouds

My desk when it's done. Very messy (-____-)7

And as I post my Shape Development on Tuesday which means today, I will write a review on my works I just received today.

I have received a huge positive responses from my fellow art friends :D Kind of surprised to hear that they like my project very much while I myself was very depressed with my own project. Prof. Luark also praised my works saying, "Great Job! You're doing a perfectly great job on this shape development project." I was like Woahhhhh!!! is this really serious? I think it didn't turn into what I expected before. But of course, I am so very happy to have those comments :)

And of course, She set a NEW assignment.
Shape Abstraction DUE next week (02/17)

Oh yeah, Forgot to mention that my second art class just started yesterday.
It is a 2-credit class which is a pass-fail class meaning, 
if you succeed, you'll be guaranteed to get an A
but if you fail, sorry dude, an F for you. 

Anyway, this class will make me deal with lots of woods, Yes! :)



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