Monday, February 18, 2013

Shape Abstraction Project

Firstly, before you read this whole post, I would like to show an image. Just wanna make sure it works or not.


Can you visualize this image? I mean, do you recognize this weirdos below?

Any idea what this image is?
A. It looks yummy - Fried Chicken
B. A falling Bowling Pin          
C. It looks like puzzle pieces.
D. A fish maybe?
E. Sorry dude, I can't tell.


Can you visualize it? Oh come on.. it's a fish guys! A FISH!! Not a bowling pin or whatever -__- For those who said that it's a fish, that's good! because you have a great pair of eyes which are still functioning well :p lol

Anw, that is my new assignment :)

"After a hurricane, comes a rainbow~♪"
Firework - Katy Perry

After two weeks with our stressful Shape Development project, We finally can take a good rest :) Ah yes! this project is super easy and simple just like my previous pattern assignment.  I just did and finished it today and spent emm... just 3 hours on this :) By the way, we are learning about abstraction and how to apply it into an image.

So, in this assignment, we are asked to 'abstract' (or simplify) an image TWICE. I chose a very simple image for my Shape Abstraction project. This time I had a sea creature for my project. I opted for a fish, a Nemo or Nemo-like fish hahaha...

An Overview of My Own Project

Title : Shape Abstraction

Materials :
- White Murano Paper
- Black Murano Paper
- 2 different Colored Murano Paper
- Illustration Board
- Tracing Paper (OPTIONAL)

Tools :
- Pencil and eraser
- Scissors, Knife, ruler
- Rubber Cement and its eraser
- Cutting pad
- Carbon paper (OPTIONAL)

1. Find an image from any sources which fits onto a 6" x 7" format and sketch your ideas.

(OPTIONAL) Trace the image onto tracing paper.

2. Cut illustration board. Identify whether it's vertical or horizontal.
* VERTICAL - Cut the board to 24.5" x 12"
* HORIZONTAL - Cut the board to  27.5" x 11"

4. Borders are 2" in all side except BOTTOM. Use 3" for the bottom. Spacing between each image is 1.25"

5. Abstract your image TWICE
   - Abstract the original image moderately - minimize colors, details, and contours
   - You must use COLORED murano paper. Black and white are also allowed
   - the image must still be clearly recognizable
   - Highly abstract the image - try to use more geometric form
   - ONLY Black and White murano paper!
   - the image must still be recognizable


Here are somewhat more simple steps.

1. Find an image 
2. Sketch your ideas
3. Trace the image (optional)
4. Abstract moderately

5. Super Abstract

* * * Final Look * * *

* * * * * * * * * *

*Anw, I haven't finished this project. I haven't mounted on illustration board.

PROUDLY SAYING, this is our last project! I mean, last project which makes us deal with knife, scissors and glue :D No more cutting paper for the next project :)

btw, The first Art Quiz I made last time, 
is it so difficult that you all (the quiz taker) want to kill me? -___-" 
hahaha.. I know not even a person who takes the quiz gets higher than F but at least you have tried :) so, don't kill me please :p



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