Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Logo Project

Guys, my Shape Abstraction is another successful project! Another full mark assignment! :) One more wonderful thing to mention is, my 3-tone-architecture project is one of the eight on the board, Yes! I feel so grateful to see my work up on the board and it really motivates me to produce much better works in the upcoming projects. So, one upcoming project which is due tomorrow is Logo Design.

As I mentioned in my last post, Shape Abstraction is our last project cutting-and-pasting paper. However, you can still create your logo with that method. Hell NO! I have been doing this for more than half of my quarter and I won't be dealing with cutting paper anymore, I mean, it does surely take a long time to cut paper and I don't want just to spend my time just in doing my art assignment. That's why I prefer to work in computer. Well, let's take this advantage but I have seen lots of folks working on their logo with cutting paper.

To be honest, Logo is something I am not really fond of in art class, I mean well, yeah it's simple with pretty basic abstracted shapes and limited colors. Logo must be a good 'simple', meaning too simple will form a slogan while too varied will create a poster. And it also must be meaningful, I mean like "why do you create this shape?" "what's the meaning?" "what's the connection?" "how will you know that it's going to be effective?" and something like those. I admit that I often struggle with those two when working on a logo.

An overview of my own project
Logo by Kenneth Anggara
Title : Logo Design

Materials and tools:
If Manually (by cutting and pasting),
- White Murano Paper
- Black Murano Paper
- one colored Murano Paper
- one white construction paper
- Pencil and eraser
- Scissors, Knife, ruler
- Rubber Cement and its eraser
- Cutting pad

If In Computer,
MUST use Adobe illustrator

and either manually or in computer, MUST make three rough sketches for logo.

1. Sketch three of your ideas for this logo project.

[this quarter] we are celebrating : Bellevue College's Earth Week Celebration
theme : Living in a changing climate
We are working for a 'Real' client. If chosen, you will get paid.

2. The format is 8" x 10" either horizontally or vertically.



So, I have done with quite lots of sketches. I made seven sketches but they show little difference from one another, I mean, yeah I made seven but they are all earth-related design. Not quite good variations because I didn't get enough time to think critically on my design.

anw these are my last-minute-drawn sketches haha... I spent like 60 minutes sketching before my class started.

Oh yeah, we were also asked to cast a ballot in everyone's sketches, choosing one from someone's three sketches with the most potential idea to develop for his logo. And we spent a full hour of our class doing this review.

So my friends have voted and they were encouraging me to work on the second. And yeah, I followed their suggestion but actually, it's what I was planning to develop and work with :) 

anw, here are my another three sketches

 Sadly enough, no one voted for these three :'(

btw the very first image in this post is the printed-out-and-photographed  version of my logo. Below is the original logo in .jpg file done in illustrator.
Original Logo in .jpg file by Kenneth Anggara

anw, Do you see the difference between my sketch and the logo? I made some changes during the translating process. 

I modified the hand.
The sketch reminds my professor about the queen who gives an apple to Snow White. It looks kinda evil, I think that's what she wanted to say. so, I changed the 'evil' hand into a much friendlier version.

I changed to Earth Week 2013
The theme itself is Living in A Changing Climate. However, it's quite a long phrase and quite a distraction to me. I don't know why but it just seems so bothering to me if I put those phrase in my logo.

I minified the Earth.
I made a much smaller Earth to emphasize more on the 'melting' Earth so that people could see that the Earth really needs our help.

Guess that's all folks, Have a great day! :)



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