Saturday, February 02, 2013

A Long Journey to walk

To become a "real" architect does take a long process.

I didn't even know what is NAAB* or ARE** before I came to US. And I didn't know that an architect in US should do some licensing tests to become a registered or "licensed" architect. All I know is I want to become an architect. Silly me to not consider this accreditation.

Should have considered and been aware of what college or uni I take. 
I am enrolled into a non-accredited architecture college. Transferring from a non-accredited  degree program to an accredited college or university, I MUST start all over again which means I MUST spend five years to acquire my bachelor degree. I got no choice. They only leave me two choices which are To take another major OR To start all over again
To think that I must begin from zero again, I do regret a lot pursuing my degree in this college. Regret is useless, it won't change anything. But I don't regret studying and in fact, I do learn a lot from this college :)

There is another option anyway. 
One other way is to transfer to a non-accredited university which offers B.A Arch or B.S Arch. It is one option to consider BUT I still prefer to start all over again. The reason is if I am pursuing in B.A or B.S Arch, I have to take M.Arch to get licensed. If I pursue in B.Arch which is a five-year professional degree in architecture, I would not be required to take M.Arch because I am (I can be) licensed.


B.Arch [5 years] 
I don't need any additional education to become a licensed architect.
If I decide to take M.Arch, then I need to spend 1 year for it.

B.A or B.S Arch [4 years] + M.Arch II [2+ years] 
to become a licensed architect

If I take another major, eg.
B.FA Fine Arts [4 years] + M.Arch III [3+ years]
I won't take this path definitely (==") 


So, I think B.Arch worths more than the rest options. Choice 2 is, anyway, good too. But I don't plan to take M.Arch directly after I have earned my bachelor degree.

Life as architect students will not be easy. Lots of projects everyday. As a result, many suffer from needs of sleep for 4-5 years. Then, after getting a degree in architecture, they have to take licensing test to become a licensed architect or to pursue M.Arch before taking licensing test. See? Should spend another 2 years suffering again.

Well, who cares? It's my dream anyway. There's no way for me to give up on my dreams.
"I wish all my dreams come true, but keep in mind that nightmares are dream too" 
from facebook -

I believe that the above phrase means, there will surely be many things to prevent me to reaching my dream. No struggle, No result. It's like what Frank A Clark ever stated,
 "if you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere"


*NAAB (National Architectural Accrediting Board) is a sole agency authorized to accredit US professional degree programs in architecture. For more info, read here
**ARE is Architecture Registration Examination


  1. It's not only in architecture, kenneth- mostly all major require a certification or licensing too.
    The longest one i ever known is engineers, they suffer more than any other bachelor holder. 4 years of bachelor, 2 years of certification, 1-2 years of professional training and finally people can start handing over projects to them.

  2. For Architect --> You are STRICTLY needed to hold a B.Arch or M.Arch like what was stated in my post. Next, get a job here and complete internship hours (IDP) for 2.5 years then take a licensing test. This is the process to practice architecture here.

    For Engineer --> 4 years of Accredited engineering program. Pass P.E exam. Then get acceptable work experience for 4 years. Then pass F.S exam. And Finally, get your license :) source:

    So, it's obviously almost the same as engineering. Or Longer than engineering if you go for B.A Arch then M.Arch.