Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Logo Project

Guys, my Shape Abstraction is another successful project! Another full mark assignment! :) One more wonderful thing to mention is, my 3-tone-architecture project is one of the eight on the board, Yes! I feel so grateful to see my work up on the board and it really motivates me to produce much better works in the upcoming projects. So, one upcoming project which is due tomorrow is Logo Design.

As I mentioned in my last post, Shape Abstraction is our last project cutting-and-pasting paper. However, you can still create your logo with that method. Hell NO! I have been doing this for more than half of my quarter and I won't be dealing with cutting paper anymore, I mean, it does surely take a long time to cut paper and I don't want just to spend my time just in doing my art assignment. That's why I prefer to work in computer. Well, let's take this advantage but I have seen lots of folks working on their logo with cutting paper.

To be honest, Logo is something I am not really fond of in art class, I mean well, yeah it's simple with pretty basic abstracted shapes and limited colors. Logo must be a good 'simple', meaning too simple will form a slogan while too varied will create a poster. And it also must be meaningful, I mean like "why do you create this shape?" "what's the meaning?" "what's the connection?" "how will you know that it's going to be effective?" and something like those. I admit that I often struggle with those two when working on a logo.

An overview of my own project
Logo by Kenneth Anggara
Title : Logo Design

Materials and tools:
If Manually (by cutting and pasting),
- White Murano Paper
- Black Murano Paper
- one colored Murano Paper
- one white construction paper
- Pencil and eraser
- Scissors, Knife, ruler
- Rubber Cement and its eraser
- Cutting pad

If In Computer,
MUST use Adobe illustrator

and either manually or in computer, MUST make three rough sketches for logo.

1. Sketch three of your ideas for this logo project.

[this quarter] we are celebrating : Bellevue College's Earth Week Celebration
theme : Living in a changing climate
We are working for a 'Real' client. If chosen, you will get paid.

2. The format is 8" x 10" either horizontally or vertically.



So, I have done with quite lots of sketches. I made seven sketches but they show little difference from one another, I mean, yeah I made seven but they are all earth-related design. Not quite good variations because I didn't get enough time to think critically on my design.

anw these are my last-minute-drawn sketches haha... I spent like 60 minutes sketching before my class started.

Oh yeah, we were also asked to cast a ballot in everyone's sketches, choosing one from someone's three sketches with the most potential idea to develop for his logo. And we spent a full hour of our class doing this review.

So my friends have voted and they were encouraging me to work on the second. And yeah, I followed their suggestion but actually, it's what I was planning to develop and work with :) 

anw, here are my another three sketches

 Sadly enough, no one voted for these three :'(

btw the very first image in this post is the printed-out-and-photographed  version of my logo. Below is the original logo in .jpg file done in illustrator.
Original Logo in .jpg file by Kenneth Anggara

anw, Do you see the difference between my sketch and the logo? I made some changes during the translating process. 

I modified the hand.
The sketch reminds my professor about the queen who gives an apple to Snow White. It looks kinda evil, I think that's what she wanted to say. so, I changed the 'evil' hand into a much friendlier version.

I changed to Earth Week 2013
The theme itself is Living in A Changing Climate. However, it's quite a long phrase and quite a distraction to me. I don't know why but it just seems so bothering to me if I put those phrase in my logo.

I minified the Earth.
I made a much smaller Earth to emphasize more on the 'melting' Earth so that people could see that the Earth really needs our help.

Guess that's all folks, Have a great day! :)



Sunday, February 24, 2013

Art Quiz (2)

Another Art Quiz guys :)

Art Quiz (1) result
It can be shown from the above chart that the majority of the quiz taker gets an E
  • The highest score, I mean B, comes from a person from Australia who took this quiz on 19, February 2013. 
  • And the second rank is placed by this guy, Leonardy Kristianto! who took this quiz on 20, February 2013 and scored C in this quiz
    Anyway the one who scores an A is the quiz maker:P

    If you're planning to take this challenge.

    • Remember! It's a timed quiz. You are only allowed to do this quiz for 10 minutes and there are 8 questions. 
    • There's no time limitation for each question meaning you can do one question for more than one minute.
    • WARNING! This is more difficult than the first quiz.

    This quiz covers more about the further elements of design (ie, Balance, Emphasis)




    Monday, February 18, 2013

    Shape Abstraction Project

    Firstly, before you read this whole post, I would like to show an image. Just wanna make sure it works or not.


    Can you visualize this image? I mean, do you recognize this weirdos below?

    Any idea what this image is?
    A. It looks yummy - Fried Chicken
    B. A falling Bowling Pin          
    C. It looks like puzzle pieces.
    D. A fish maybe?
    E. Sorry dude, I can't tell.


    Can you visualize it? Oh come on.. it's a fish guys! A FISH!! Not a bowling pin or whatever -__- For those who said that it's a fish, that's good! because you have a great pair of eyes which are still functioning well :p lol

    Anw, that is my new assignment :)

    "After a hurricane, comes a rainbow~♪"
    Firework - Katy Perry

    After two weeks with our stressful Shape Development project, We finally can take a good rest :) Ah yes! this project is super easy and simple just like my previous pattern assignment.  I just did and finished it today and spent emm... just 3 hours on this :) By the way, we are learning about abstraction and how to apply it into an image.

    So, in this assignment, we are asked to 'abstract' (or simplify) an image TWICE. I chose a very simple image for my Shape Abstraction project. This time I had a sea creature for my project. I opted for a fish, a Nemo or Nemo-like fish hahaha...

    An Overview of My Own Project

    Title : Shape Abstraction

    Materials :
    - White Murano Paper
    - Black Murano Paper
    - 2 different Colored Murano Paper
    - Illustration Board
    - Tracing Paper (OPTIONAL)

    Tools :
    - Pencil and eraser
    - Scissors, Knife, ruler
    - Rubber Cement and its eraser
    - Cutting pad
    - Carbon paper (OPTIONAL)

    RULES :
    1. Find an image from any sources which fits onto a 6" x 7" format and sketch your ideas.

    (OPTIONAL) Trace the image onto tracing paper.

    2. Cut illustration board. Identify whether it's vertical or horizontal.
    * VERTICAL - Cut the board to 24.5" x 12"
    * HORIZONTAL - Cut the board to  27.5" x 11"

    4. Borders are 2" in all side except BOTTOM. Use 3" for the bottom. Spacing between each image is 1.25"

    5. Abstract your image TWICE
       - Abstract the original image moderately - minimize colors, details, and contours
       - You must use COLORED murano paper. Black and white are also allowed
       - the image must still be clearly recognizable
       - Highly abstract the image - try to use more geometric form
       - ONLY Black and White murano paper!
       - the image must still be recognizable


    Here are somewhat more simple steps.

    1. Find an image 
    2. Sketch your ideas
    3. Trace the image (optional)
    4. Abstract moderately

    5. Super Abstract

    * * * Final Look * * *

    * * * * * * * * * *

    *Anw, I haven't finished this project. I haven't mounted on illustration board.

    PROUDLY SAYING, this is our last project! I mean, last project which makes us deal with knife, scissors and glue :D No more cutting paper for the next project :)

    btw, The first Art Quiz I made last time, 
    is it so difficult that you all (the quiz taker) want to kill me? -___-" 
    hahaha.. I know not even a person who takes the quiz gets higher than F but at least you have tried :) so, don't kill me please :p



    Friday, February 15, 2013

    Art Quiz (1)

    Let's learn ART guys!

    I've just finished making my first quiz, Art Quiz (1) a.k.a Level 1 Art Quiz :p
    anyway, this is a just-for-fun quiz. So, 
    If you're interested, continue reading
    If not, ignore this post.

    The first art quiz will cover the principle elements of design with each of their definitions and characteristics. Before doing the questions, you guys may look or search in the google about basic elements of design. it's just a suggestion. Please do note that THIS ISN'T A SCHOOL TEST! It doesn't force you to get high scores in this quiz.

    If you're planning to take this challenge.

    • Remember! It's a timed quiz. You are only allowed to do this quiz for 10 minutes and there are 10 questions. 
    • There's no time limitation for each question meaning you can do one question for more than one minute. However you're strongly encouraged to spend only 1 min in each question. 

    Last final words before you take this challenge, GOOD LUCK and hope you could learn something new if you have never known any art terms before :)

    Click the link below to take the Art Quiz



    Thursday, February 14, 2013

    Valentine's 2013

    Happy Valentine's Day!
    A work by Geralt (Gerd Altmann)

    14th February is always a lovely day for doubles or triples(?) but may not be one for singles. However, being single doesn't always mean that you will never have one lover forever. 

    But Valentine isn't always about spending your days with your gf/bf. You guys, specially for the singles, can celebrate the day with friends or families :) And yes, I am single and I am thankful for being single :) I don't really want a relationship because I am afraid to be dumped again :p but seriously, I am just afraid to be the brokenhearted for the second time.

    Well anyway, Today's Valentine was a great day to me. Well, I did not get something special from someone special :p but I got something much more special from my fellow artists :) It's truly a great Valentine :) We talked a lot, shared ideas and stuffs, commented and gave great incomes on projects and ate sweet treats. Thanks to Hayla (sorry if I misspelled your name) for the cupcakes and Prof. Luark for the chocolates. This is what-so-called as friendship :) Art class is the best ever. I couldn't find something like this in other classes, too bad!

    And my Valentine ended up getting back a project, my Shape Development project. And guess what it is my second and third full-mark project :) Second and third meaning second full-mark in principles of design and third full-mark in developing shapes. So to sum up, I have been getting quite satisfying marks this quarter; A-, A-, A, A, A respectively :) and I am, again, aiming to score a full mark for my Shape Abstraction!

    And what was more surprising to me is she is going to put our projects on the board. Well that's a good payment for our hardwork and time :) Art is fun, isn't it?

    I think I'm done with this post so, bye~ and probably, I will be posting something special tomorrow or maybe the next next day. Again, Happy Valentine's Day!



    Tuesday, February 12, 2013

    Shape Development Project

    This project is DEFINITELY the most tiresome project in the world LOL.

    But seriously!! this is the most distressing project I have ever got. No wonder she gave us two weeks to work on this shit. oops!

    Before I go further, I wanna mention about my Pattern just in few sentences.
    You know what? I got a full mark for my Pattern. it was my 1st time getting A guys~

    go back to Shape Development
    It's a mid-term project which covers 20 SCORES from a total of 100. It's REALLY a lot! And I'm still aiming to score full mark again for this project. However, I am a little bit discouraged when I see my final result. I am really not satisfied with my project this time. But still hope that I could at least score not less than 18.

    It's a 2-week project with different stages each meeting.

    First week
    Meeting ONE
    *Gallery Tour
    *Assign Shape Development

    Meeting TWO
    *Preview of previous Students' projects [1]
    *Image Selection Review

    Second week
    Meeting THREE
    DUE Texture Rubbing*
    Preview of previous Students' projects [2]*
    Studio time*

    Meeting THREE
    Review Progress on Shape Development*
    Studio time*


    An Overview of My Own Project

    Title : Shape Development

    Focusing on :
    - Unity and Variety
    - Balance
    - Shapes

    Materials :
    - White Murano Paper
    - Black Murano Paper
    - Gray Murano Paper
    - Illustration Board
    - Tracing Paper

    Tools :
    - Pencil and eraser
    - Scissors, Knife, ruler
    - Rubber Cement and its eraser
    - Cutting pad
    - Carbon paper

    RULES :
    1. Find an image from any sources which is likely to fit onto a 9" x 12" format.

    2. Trace the image onto tracing paper. Consider basic, large shapes first!

    3. Cut your illustration board. Identify whether it's vertical or horizontal.
    * VERTICAL - Cut the board to 11" x 14.5"
    * HORIZONTAL - Cut the board to  11.5" x 14"

    4. Borders are 1" in all side except BOTTOM. Use 1.5" for the bottom.

    5. ONLY ALLOWED TO USE THREE COLORS (BWG) or Texture Rubbings or Collage


    So, here are the short simple process.

      The image I chose to develop.

    Tracing the image.

       Texture Rubbings (NOT USED in my project)

    * * * Final Look * * *
    * * * * * * * * * *
    Forgot to say that, I add some clouds because it looks really horrible when it is without clouds

    My desk when it's done. Very messy (-____-)7

    And as I post my Shape Development on Tuesday which means today, I will write a review on my works I just received today.

    I have received a huge positive responses from my fellow art friends :D Kind of surprised to hear that they like my project very much while I myself was very depressed with my own project. Prof. Luark also praised my works saying, "Great Job! You're doing a perfectly great job on this shape development project." I was like Woahhhhh!!! is this really serious? I think it didn't turn into what I expected before. But of course, I am so very happy to have those comments :)

    And of course, She set a NEW assignment.
    Shape Abstraction DUE next week (02/17)

    Oh yeah, Forgot to mention that my second art class just started yesterday.
    It is a 2-credit class which is a pass-fail class meaning, 
    if you succeed, you'll be guaranteed to get an A
    but if you fail, sorry dude, an F for you. 

    Anyway, this class will make me deal with lots of woods, Yes! :)



    Saturday, February 02, 2013

    A Long Journey to walk

    To become a "real" architect does take a long process.

    I didn't even know what is NAAB* or ARE** before I came to US. And I didn't know that an architect in US should do some licensing tests to become a registered or "licensed" architect. All I know is I want to become an architect. Silly me to not consider this accreditation.

    Should have considered and been aware of what college or uni I take. 
    I am enrolled into a non-accredited architecture college. Transferring from a non-accredited  degree program to an accredited college or university, I MUST start all over again which means I MUST spend five years to acquire my bachelor degree. I got no choice. They only leave me two choices which are To take another major OR To start all over again
    To think that I must begin from zero again, I do regret a lot pursuing my degree in this college. Regret is useless, it won't change anything. But I don't regret studying and in fact, I do learn a lot from this college :)

    There is another option anyway. 
    One other way is to transfer to a non-accredited university which offers B.A Arch or B.S Arch. It is one option to consider BUT I still prefer to start all over again. The reason is if I am pursuing in B.A or B.S Arch, I have to take M.Arch to get licensed. If I pursue in B.Arch which is a five-year professional degree in architecture, I would not be required to take M.Arch because I am (I can be) licensed.


    B.Arch [5 years] 
    I don't need any additional education to become a licensed architect.
    If I decide to take M.Arch, then I need to spend 1 year for it.

    B.A or B.S Arch [4 years] + M.Arch II [2+ years] 
    to become a licensed architect

    If I take another major, eg.
    B.FA Fine Arts [4 years] + M.Arch III [3+ years]
    I won't take this path definitely (==") 


    So, I think B.Arch worths more than the rest options. Choice 2 is, anyway, good too. But I don't plan to take M.Arch directly after I have earned my bachelor degree.

    Life as architect students will not be easy. Lots of projects everyday. As a result, many suffer from needs of sleep for 4-5 years. Then, after getting a degree in architecture, they have to take licensing test to become a licensed architect or to pursue M.Arch before taking licensing test. See? Should spend another 2 years suffering again.

    Well, who cares? It's my dream anyway. There's no way for me to give up on my dreams.
    "I wish all my dreams come true, but keep in mind that nightmares are dream too" 
    from facebook -

    I believe that the above phrase means, there will surely be many things to prevent me to reaching my dream. No struggle, No result. It's like what Frank A Clark ever stated,
     "if you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere"


    *NAAB (National Architectural Accrediting Board) is a sole agency authorized to accredit US professional degree programs in architecture. For more info, read here
    **ARE is Architecture Registration Examination