Friday, January 25, 2013

Trying New Stuff~

Okay, Lemme add some words to my previous statement.
College life is fun yet depressing

The REAL things are just getting started. Next week will probably be a real busy week and the following weeks will be even much busier. Mid Term Quiz is approaching, next week is my mid term. Assignments are getting crazier. I have piles of homework awaiting for me. And what make this worse is, I can still laze around, sitting in front of my laptop, browsing and playing games. Well, I just need some break after school, at least a day to rest physically and mentally. I still enjoy my college anyway. I love my art class(es).

I have fullfilled one from my wishlist
  • Buy a camera done
  • Get high GPA
  • Lose some weight, at least 10 kg
  • etc

All the shots of my 2d assignments are taken with this camera :) It's a great Nikon Camera, Coolpix L810 and NOT an expensive one for sure. Well, The $2,000 is a cool camera and I want it so muchhh!! but that's TOO expensive and I think I don't need one like that since I'm not a photography student. But this one is also not bad and it's handy :)

Have been experimenting with my camera for some days and here are some shots I got.

The focus is good.
Focus on the bottle
Focus on the card

These are the deer in our neighborhood. There are so many animals here - wild ducks, deer, racoon, bobcats, bears, etc. I have never encountered bobcats and bears anyway AND I wish, hope, and pray that I never meet one face-to-face. 

Anw, I took this picture from my room. I'm on the second floor, snapping my camera on these cuties.

And, Self Potrait :D haha.. 
Hey Linda and Jeje,You recognize this outfit? haha..

My my, the second expression is so coldd~



  1. Deer!
    and Debit Card!

    Find the bear, he might lead you to 100 Acre Wood LOL
    Anyway you should really make some kind of filter to your comment bar, kenneth. It's mess, I think XD

  2. The bear is still hibernating wkwkwk... It will show up in Spring, maybe? wkwkwk.. anw, What filter??

  3. XD
    No, it will appear at night and let you come to Monster Inc lol

    Something to filter all those comment like "hey i like your blog! come and see mine and google connect!" things. it's generated by bots(automated one) to improve their blog view -_-