Monday, January 21, 2013

Division of a Groundsheet Assignment

Art students can never relax. Even if we are given lots of days to do the art assignment, we will not be able to finish it by due time if we do not get any inspirations.

My first art assignment, Eyeballing Grid, is quite but not really satisfying for me. I was aiming for an A on that project. I just got that letter with minus instead. Somehow, I must feel grateful for being commented "Great job with craftsmanship" and given a full mark for that criteria by my professor because you know, I am not really good at crafting, I mean cutting or gluing paper like that.

The second project is, okay, a slightly tougher than the previous. However, I am still aiming for an A. I am pretty confident. Well, Being an optimist doesn't kill you, right? haha.. I am ready to be criticized tomorrow but I'm more ready to hear "EXCELLENT" from her or at least a word which is similar to excellent.

Honestly, It takes me 3 days full (From morning to night) to finish this assignment but I still can enjoy my 7-hour nice sleep haha.. Well, I spent lots of my time, actually in the symmetry construction. Enough talking. Here, take a look at my second assignment.

Title : Division of a Groundsheet

Focusing on :
1. Lines - Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal, Curve
2. Balance - symmetry or asymmetry
3. Negative and Positive Shape
4. Focal Point - something that attracts your eye on one spot of a painting/design
5. Unity and Variety

Materials :
- two sheets of black construction paper
- two sheets of white construction paper

Tools :
- Pencil and eraser as always
- Scissors, Knife, ruler, triangle ruler
- Rubber Cement and its eraser
- cutting pad

CUT the white paper with 8" x 10" format
2. Create two design using two different options:

  • Horizontal and Vertical ONLY
  • Curve ONLY
  • Diagonal ONLY
  • Mixture of all Lines - Horizontal, Vertical, Curve and Diagonal

3. Create one design with focal point and symmetry while the other one without focal point and asymmetry
4. Create a distinct negative shape! Some positive shape can be used (for variety, emphasis, etc) BUT "LINE" must dominate the design!

Another overview of each of my project.

Composition #1

1. The format is 8" x 10" and I try to make this design symmetry and without any FOCAL POINT

2. I construct using Horizontal and Vertical lines ONLY

3. I used lots of repeated lines whereas I also use variety of lines

4. I have tried my best to create distince Positve and Negative Shape

Composition #2

1. The format is 8" x 10" and I try to make this design asymmetry and with one FOCAL POINT (the small ball)

2. I construct using Curves ONLY

3. I used a few of repeated lines. I used variety of curves here.

4. I have tried my best to create distince Positve and Negative Shape

Was previously trying to put a shape like mouth in my asymmetry-and-curves-only project. think I shouldn't because others will directly recognize that I am making a female human face. 

But what do you think? looks better with or without?


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