Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2012 Achievement

I thought it would really end but it didn't and I hope it didn't :)
Well, we made it!! we all survived from the 2012.

I have been taking my day off from blogging. It's not that I was lazy (well, I was actually) but you know, how busy I was those days. in fact, I'm still so busy today but I spare some of my gaming time to update my abandoned blog. sorry bloggy :(

uhh, I think time flies even faster now, don't you think so? Tonight is gonna be 2013!! We need to celebrate it because we all have survived from the end of the world! oh yeah, I haven't been thinking of what theme I'm going to use in 2013. hemm... let me think of it later.

2011 saw the achievement of grabbing 3rd place in news reading competition, my 17th birthday, and my handmade cake to Michelle. 

2012 was even better than the last couple of years, I could say it's the greatest year. I grabbed a gold in news reading competition, graduated from my high school, and became a teacher for the first time for more than half year. However, for some cases, 2012 wasn't really my best year, it recorded the breaking of our special relationship. 

Here's a look back to some achievements I've accomplished so far in 2012 (I'm gonna make and arrange it in Plus-Minus system) as well as an outlook for 2013.

. . . ACHIEVEMENTS of 2012 . . .

Grabbing a gold in News Reading Competition
It's kind like a dream to me. Well I did my very best in the competition and at last, after losing for 5+ times, I could grab a gold in the competition with the help of my partner, Claristy.
What I learnt Losing doesn't mean Failure. I just need to get up and rise and fight again until I succeed.
Let's give it +3

Nail cured!
Six times are more than enough! I don't and never want to have any further operation. Thanks to Dr. Y. Leonardi who had cured my nail :) I was previously suffering from what-so-called bed-nail infection.
Let's give it +2

Broken Hearted
Well, The past is the past. It doesn't matter anymore. You walk your own, I walk my own. I am happy for you! :)
I give -3

Yay, at last I graduated! my dream finally came true but I was, in fact, sad. I had to leave Sutomo, the school where I have been for 14 years. But I am not gonna miss you. I am done PEEPS!
Let's give it +3

Academic Result
It's HORRIBLE!! I don't want to say anything about it. Well, who cares? I have graduated anyway :) and now I need to focus more on my college.
I give -2

Failed to nail IELTS
IELTS band is 7.0 and my target was 8.0 or above. Well, I have tried my best.
I am giving -1

Getting a job
Best achievement so far! Being admitted in IEC and being able to share and give my knowledge of English to other people were the best moment of 2012. Ever once, I thought of quitting this job because my students were extremely brutal and naughty. It happened on the first day I became a teacher. Well, I didn't fortunately because I know that different people share different personalities. I should be able to learn about and tolerate them. Well, it was a great lesson to me. What touched me a lot was when my students said to me that they wanted me to teach them again. and now my hatred level toward kids has decreased significantly, thanks to all those kids and students who had given me chance to teach them.
What I learnt Kids aren't always naughty. Sometimes, they just need your attention.
I will definitely give it +3

Learned driving!
2012 saw me learning driving a car. First time was the most nervous of all and it gradually becomes more interesting yet challenging. Yay, I can drive now, unfortunately I couldn't!!! Because my parents didn't want me to have a driving license for some stupid reasons.
Let's give it +1

Visa Granted
My visa was granted!! I was so extremely happy upon hearing him saying, "Welcome to the USA!!" It's my gateway to achieve and fulfill my childhood dreams.
I give +1

Flying alone
Riding an airplane always excites me so much yet terrifies me somehow. This time was different. It's far and it's more terrifying than exciting. Visiting three different countries in one day and worse, alone would be a new experience. I feel so independent now.
I will give +2

I am here. finally! My childhood dream came true this year. Thanks mom and dad for making my dreams come true. I'm gonna show my best here.
+3 of course!

So let's see, I gain a total of +12 What an achievement! LMAO.

. . . GOALS for 2013 . . .
  • Buy a camera
  • Get high GPA
  • Lose some weight
  • Have my close friends or my family visit me
  • Be more hardworking


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  1. Good luck for your future endeavors :) may God bless you O:)