Monday, January 28, 2013

Pattern Assignment


This week is my midterm anyway. In fact, tomorrow is going to be my Chinese first Test!!! 
(-____-")7  haven't studied LOL...

You know, I really learn lots of things from this 2D Design class of Prof. Luark. I learn new art vocabularies. I learn how to do some crafting. I learn to become more creative. I learn how to criticize and review one's creation.

Anw I have claimed my second project, The Division of A Groundsheet, last week. I did get "Great" which I think is almost similar to Excellent from my professor. And what surprised me lot that time was, my works was being displayed as one of the very good examples. I was indeed so very extremely happy but, I still earned an A-. This discouraged me a little bit that time. Well, there's nothing to be sad about. I will try in this third project, I will make my pattern an A :)

PatterN, to be honest, is the most relaxing assignment I have ever got. Sketches can be done in graphic software. You just need to print it out and make 10 copies of it. Then recreate new patterns by cutting out your first copies. HOWEVER, be very very careful! It did take me not even 3 hours to do the variations. The REAL problem to me is copying. I did get problem in copying. The rough edges of the glued pattern appeared in my final copies. Directly, I went home and used my correction pen to hide the 'lines'. This took me longer hours because I really needed to be extra careful. And finally, I made new copies TT__TT (have spent so much money in copying)

And, here is my pattern collection.

And this is a picture of the tools I was using to create the patterns and hemmm... pattern pieces which has been cut up.
tools and pieces

Title : Pattern

Materials :
1. If you do it manually,
- one white construction paper
- some black  construction papers

2. If you do it in computer,

- computer or laptop with graphic software
- good printer

Tools :
- Pencil and eraser
- Scissors, Knife, ruler
- Rubber Cement and its eraser
- cutting pad

Steps :

* * * First Step * * * 
1. Sketch and build your pattern (I did it in computer using Photoshop. 100x easier!)
2. Make 10 copies of your original pattern

* * * Second Step * * *

1. Create 3 new, different, and CLEAR pattern by cutting up original patterns and reconstruct it into new motifs
2. Make a final copy of each of your 3 new pattern

1. The paper format MUST be 8" x 10" and grid the format into 2" X 2" modules

2. Juxtapose one simple geometric shape and one complex asymmetrical shape in the corner of each module.

3. Reconstruct 3 variations by cutting your original patterns. The new creations must be with clear repetition. The variations format may not be 8" x 10"

5. Make a final COPY of your new pattern creations.

And from the Original, I recreate some different patterns. Keep playing with negative and positive shapes.

Do you see CLEAR repetitions?? I do hope if you see them, if not, I would be in trouble. The fourth one may be simple but, personally, I think it's so cute :3
Oh well, I think it's time for me to study my chinese :p

*Any comments, incomes and critics on these would be appreciated. Thanks.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Division of a Groundsheet Assignment

Art students can never relax. Even if we are given lots of days to do the art assignment, we will not be able to finish it by due time if we do not get any inspirations.

My first art assignment, Eyeballing Grid, is quite but not really satisfying for me. I was aiming for an A on that project. I just got that letter with minus instead. Somehow, I must feel grateful for being commented "Great job with craftsmanship" and given a full mark for that criteria by my professor because you know, I am not really good at crafting, I mean cutting or gluing paper like that.

The second project is, okay, a slightly tougher than the previous. However, I am still aiming for an A. I am pretty confident. Well, Being an optimist doesn't kill you, right? haha.. I am ready to be criticized tomorrow but I'm more ready to hear "EXCELLENT" from her or at least a word which is similar to excellent.

Honestly, It takes me 3 days full (From morning to night) to finish this assignment but I still can enjoy my 7-hour nice sleep haha.. Well, I spent lots of my time, actually in the symmetry construction. Enough talking. Here, take a look at my second assignment.

Title : Division of a Groundsheet

Focusing on :
1. Lines - Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal, Curve
2. Balance - symmetry or asymmetry
3. Negative and Positive Shape
4. Focal Point - something that attracts your eye on one spot of a painting/design
5. Unity and Variety

Materials :
- two sheets of black construction paper
- two sheets of white construction paper

Tools :
- Pencil and eraser as always
- Scissors, Knife, ruler, triangle ruler
- Rubber Cement and its eraser
- cutting pad

CUT the white paper with 8" x 10" format
2. Create two design using two different options:

  • Horizontal and Vertical ONLY
  • Curve ONLY
  • Diagonal ONLY
  • Mixture of all Lines - Horizontal, Vertical, Curve and Diagonal

3. Create one design with focal point and symmetry while the other one without focal point and asymmetry
4. Create a distinct negative shape! Some positive shape can be used (for variety, emphasis, etc) BUT "LINE" must dominate the design!

Another overview of each of my project.

Composition #1

1. The format is 8" x 10" and I try to make this design symmetry and without any FOCAL POINT

2. I construct using Horizontal and Vertical lines ONLY

3. I used lots of repeated lines whereas I also use variety of lines

4. I have tried my best to create distince Positve and Negative Shape

Composition #2

1. The format is 8" x 10" and I try to make this design asymmetry and with one FOCAL POINT (the small ball)

2. I construct using Curves ONLY

3. I used a few of repeated lines. I used variety of curves here.

4. I have tried my best to create distince Positve and Negative Shape

Was previously trying to put a shape like mouth in my asymmetry-and-curves-only project. think I shouldn't because others will directly recognize that I am making a female human face. 

But what do you think? looks better with or without?


Monday, January 14, 2013

Eyeballing Grid Assignment

I really love here, love almost everything here except the Cold weather. It's winter and it's so terribly cold here. It's not yet snowed but it will soon and I bet it will get much colder and colder.

College life is fun!! Why not?
I choose the class schedule and time
I don't need to sit down from morning to noon like I was in my high school
I choose and take the subjects I really want to focus on
I can take online classes, which means I just stay at home and study
I make lots lots of friends

The only disadvantage is MANY ASSIGNMENTS, esp if you take art classes. You will get incredibly lots lots of assignments.

Life is so good :) I only need to go to my college every Monday to Thursday. And I only have two classes each day which starts at 10.30 to 4.30 yahaha :P

I got an assignment from my art class - 2d design. Here are two overviews of my own project.

Title : Eyeballing Grid

Focusing on : Principles of Unity and Variety and basic elements of design

Materials :
- lots lots of magazines
- Murano Paper (I use gray)
- Illustration board

Tools :
- Pencil and eraser for sure!
- Scissors, Knife, ruler, triangle ruler
- Rubber Cement and its eraser
- cutting pad

1. Margins: left, right and top must be at least 1" and must be narrower than bottom
2. The shapes or forms must be clear not blur, repeated and unify. FOCUS on the SHAPE not CONTENT!
3. MUST make exactly 16 pieces. the pieces could be square or rectangle with clean-cut edges!
4. Spacing between each piece MUST be 1/2". Align them squarely.


Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2012 Achievement

I thought it would really end but it didn't and I hope it didn't :)
Well, we made it!! we all survived from the 2012.

I have been taking my day off from blogging. It's not that I was lazy (well, I was actually) but you know, how busy I was those days. in fact, I'm still so busy today but I spare some of my gaming time to update my abandoned blog. sorry bloggy :(

uhh, I think time flies even faster now, don't you think so? Tonight is gonna be 2013!! We need to celebrate it because we all have survived from the end of the world! oh yeah, I haven't been thinking of what theme I'm going to use in 2013. hemm... let me think of it later.

2011 saw the achievement of grabbing 3rd place in news reading competition, my 17th birthday, and my handmade cake to Michelle. 

2012 was even better than the last couple of years, I could say it's the greatest year. I grabbed a gold in news reading competition, graduated from my high school, and became a teacher for the first time for more than half year. However, for some cases, 2012 wasn't really my best year, it recorded the breaking of our special relationship. 

Here's a look back to some achievements I've accomplished so far in 2012 (I'm gonna make and arrange it in Plus-Minus system) as well as an outlook for 2013.

. . . ACHIEVEMENTS of 2012 . . .

Grabbing a gold in News Reading Competition
It's kind like a dream to me. Well I did my very best in the competition and at last, after losing for 5+ times, I could grab a gold in the competition with the help of my partner, Claristy.
What I learnt Losing doesn't mean Failure. I just need to get up and rise and fight again until I succeed.
Let's give it +3

Nail cured!
Six times are more than enough! I don't and never want to have any further operation. Thanks to Dr. Y. Leonardi who had cured my nail :) I was previously suffering from what-so-called bed-nail infection.
Let's give it +2

Broken Hearted
Well, The past is the past. It doesn't matter anymore. You walk your own, I walk my own. I am happy for you! :)
I give -3

Yay, at last I graduated! my dream finally came true but I was, in fact, sad. I had to leave Sutomo, the school where I have been for 14 years. But I am not gonna miss you. I am done PEEPS!
Let's give it +3

Academic Result
It's HORRIBLE!! I don't want to say anything about it. Well, who cares? I have graduated anyway :) and now I need to focus more on my college.
I give -2

Failed to nail IELTS
IELTS band is 7.0 and my target was 8.0 or above. Well, I have tried my best.
I am giving -1

Getting a job
Best achievement so far! Being admitted in IEC and being able to share and give my knowledge of English to other people were the best moment of 2012. Ever once, I thought of quitting this job because my students were extremely brutal and naughty. It happened on the first day I became a teacher. Well, I didn't fortunately because I know that different people share different personalities. I should be able to learn about and tolerate them. Well, it was a great lesson to me. What touched me a lot was when my students said to me that they wanted me to teach them again. and now my hatred level toward kids has decreased significantly, thanks to all those kids and students who had given me chance to teach them.
What I learnt Kids aren't always naughty. Sometimes, they just need your attention.
I will definitely give it +3

Learned driving!
2012 saw me learning driving a car. First time was the most nervous of all and it gradually becomes more interesting yet challenging. Yay, I can drive now, unfortunately I couldn't!!! Because my parents didn't want me to have a driving license for some stupid reasons.
Let's give it +1

Visa Granted
My visa was granted!! I was so extremely happy upon hearing him saying, "Welcome to the USA!!" It's my gateway to achieve and fulfill my childhood dreams.
I give +1

Flying alone
Riding an airplane always excites me so much yet terrifies me somehow. This time was different. It's far and it's more terrifying than exciting. Visiting three different countries in one day and worse, alone would be a new experience. I feel so independent now.
I will give +2

I am here. finally! My childhood dream came true this year. Thanks mom and dad for making my dreams come true. I'm gonna show my best here.
+3 of course!

So let's see, I gain a total of +12 What an achievement! LMAO.

. . . GOALS for 2013 . . .
  • Buy a camera
  • Get high GPA
  • Lose some weight
  • Have my close friends or my family visit me
  • Be more hardworking