Saturday, October 20, 2012

Haunted Forest Theme

From the title itself, I think you guys should have known what I'm going to write today. 

Correct!! It's about Halloween Celebration...

Zombie Halloween by AngryDogDesigns

I am going to take part in Halloween this year!! 
Well, let me promote first,

Date      : 31 october 2012
Time      : 7pm - end
Venue   : IEC Jemadi, Medan, Indonesia
Price     : Not free, of course!! ONLY 5,000 per individual (if I'm not wrong :P)

Open for all!!

*because I teach in IEC Jemadi, I promote Jemadi's celebration. I dunno whether other IECs will also celebrate Halloween.

This time, I'm not going to be a person who is going to be scared, but to be a person who is going to scare..

Dragged you down below
Down to the devils show
To be his guest forever
Peace of mind is less than never

"Nightmare" - Avenged Sevenfold

Oh yeah, for the theme itself, I was offered some options - cemetery, hospital, school, etc. And I chose cemetery!! But on a second thought, I picked out another theme, forest theme. I changed my mind, because for cemetery, I think, will need quite lots of expensive materials while the budget my boss provides, is not that much. (You know, humans always want the handiest yet cheapest)

Btw, Ms. Yo and I will be working together. At first, my boss asked me to handle one class. 
I will never never never ever be in one class alone... You know how it feels when you are in the dark and... alone

"What if?? What iffff??" (O.o)

But I think they do not need to decorate the classrooms to create creepy atmosphere as the school, to tell the truth, is already like a haunted arena at night. That's why I do not want to take over a class alone. 
Moreover, after hearing some scary ghost stories from the other teachers (I don't know if they are true, but I do believe their tales), do you still want to take over one class?

Anw, we've discussed what materials would be needed to decorate our class. Dry leaves and branches for sure!! And some dead tree limbs, cotton to make spider's web and some fake animals, like mice, spiders, and snakes. And I would also like a skeleton to be placed in my class but it's way too expensive. So we just omitted skeleton from the list. 

Now, the problems are,
"How can I decorate the room to make it creepy and scary like a
real haunted forest??"


"What costumes should we put on during Halloween later?"

We're really really having troubles in choosing the costumes. Got any ideas?



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