Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Party or Chaos?

Today was yet another hectic day for me. You see, I woke up at 7AM and went to teach at 8AM and next, I had a lesson at 10.30 AM. Last, I went to teach again from 2PM - 5PM. Finally, we were having halloween party :D ( I guess it's a -__________- )

Okay, Let's talk about the party.

I was previously being placed in a room who would be working together with Ms. Yofrina butttttt.... I was suddenly asked to be my boss' assistant who would guide and help the students. I was told that I wasn't scary enough to be a ghost because I smile too much. Well, that wasn't a problem for me.

The real problem for me and most of the teachers was actually, the party. It's not well-organized. The party which was supposed to start at 7PM, started at 8PM instead. The decorations was quite okay but not with our room. Ours became "A Haunted Forest (in construction)" :P The ghost make-ups were pretty much fine as well, but again, not with mine. As my job is only patrolling, my make-up wasn't as scary as others, in fact, mine was not scary at all!! It's funny and... beautiful!!! (My friends said that) I was like, Oh My God!! Why could it be BEAUTIFUL??? Well, I guess they just wanted to tease me.. hahahaha... 

Then, the party. The party was quite a chaos for me and some other teachers. The reasons are, firstly, the party was quite unorganized. Secondly, the party allowed the whole students to come inside and enjoyed the over-crowded party. And thirdly, they weren't scared at all, only few were. Seriously!! What I thought that time was, "is this really a Halloween Party?"

It ended at almost 9PM and all seemed to be veryvery exhausted and I was no exception. I was pretty much tired yet I felt quite elated :) You know?? The make-ups by the native teachers were really really impressive. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take some photos with them. But seriously, their make-ups were, indeed, very scary!

Doesn't matter when,
It's always a good time then.
Doesn't matter where,
It's always a good time there.

Good Time - Owl City feat. Carly Rae Jepsen

And, ONLY IEC JEMADI celebrated Halloween today. Although it was truly exhausting, we really really had a good time there. To end this post, here is one picture of some teachers who were putting on ghost make-ups. taa-daa
How is it?



Tuesday, October 30, 2012


"Dag.. Dig.. Dug.." my heart beat, beat very fast
in a room of 100+ people...

I talked, chatted, handed my papers to them, and like finally!!

My visa was approved so guys,


ps. I am going to tell you about visa and my horrid-and-embarrassing moment in Jakarta in my next post