Friday, September 28, 2012


It's Friday, Friday
Gotta get down on Friday
Everybody's looking forward to the weekend♪

"Friday" - Rebecca Black

Dear Friday

You've always been my most favorite day!! But I'm sorry to say that Today's Friday is a bad bad day although it ends up with good stuffs :)

Friday Morning

I get two classes to teach in the morning every Friday. It starts at 8 AM and ends 2 hours later, at about 10 AM. While I was teaching, I was asked by my boss to sub two classes in the afternoon.
At first I wanted to reject it for I should sub a WA class (kid class). Well actually, I was very lazy >< But... 
I got no choice because she really did beg for my availabilty to sub those classes. As a result, I had to skip my tuition, Art Tuition!!!!!!! :((

Friday Afternoon

This was the problem!!

As my father and I was about to get to work, my mom wanted to join us because she wanted to get a massage. Then, my sister also joined us since she got a piano tuition at 2 PM. 

We all were in the same car and SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAPPENED!! I didn't know why, but when we were at one big street, our car suddenly unleashed a large amount of fumes... My father asked my driver to turn the car off, but... it couldn't!! 
Panic struck!! I was panic, very very panic that time and so were my family and driver.
Then what happened was, he, I mean my driver, pulled out the car key and still, the car couldn't be turned off and this made us even more panic.
When a car key is pulled out, the car will automatically turn off. But this car was not. It's still 'Alive' and still unleashed lots of white fumes which covered the whole street.

It was in the middle on the street and all were ordered to move out from the car. There were motorcycles and cars who dared to pass the road, even when the red light was still on. Well, it was an order. The cars behind us quickly  gunned and no vehicles dared to go near the car. All chose to stay far behind our car.

My mom, sister and I quickly moved out from the car and went to a safer place to hide while my father and driver quickly ran for help. 

I believe in Miracle!! 
The car which many people, including I myself, thought would explode, did not explode but it turned off itself and stopped emitting white fumes...

After a few minutes,
all went back to normal again. All went normal!! Lucky for us :) I don't know what happened to our car, and I don't want to know that!!

You know, it was kinda embarrassing because everyone passing the street was looking and staring at our car and us... 

Friday Night

Last Friday Night♪
Yeah I think we broke the law
Always say we're gonna stop
Oh-- whoah -- oh
This Friday Night♪
Do it all AGAINNN...

"Last Friday Night" - Katy Perry

That embarrassing and deadly moment was indeed, going to be an unforgettable moment of mine. 

Well, my Friday ended up with good dinner :)

My mother and I had a dinner at Hotel Aryaduta in Medan. The hotel organizes a buffet dinner with Japanese and Korean concept, and it is only carried out every Friday night from 7 PM onwards :) 

it would cost around IDR 250,000 (with tax) per individual but if you got one HSBC credit card, you'll get a 50% discount ^^

Here are some photos I took,

Tempuras and Bread
Korean Fried Rice with Fish Fillet and Beef Bulgogi
Sushi Rolls - 1 :9
Sushi Rolls - 2 with Grilled Octopus with Peanut Sauce
Sushi Rolls - 3
Well, I wasn't really fond to eat raw stuffs but I would like to try one, so...

Unfinished Sashimi

But Unfortunately, I couldn't finish a dish... 
I left one raw fish.
Well, I tried not to think that it's still raw while I was eating.. 

My gf, kidding!! She's my Mom LOL

Well, the dishes were all mostly delicious :) But to be truthful, "Udon" and "Mie" were quite disappointing... And the fruit, I mean, the pineapple, was TOO SOUR!!

Well, it could be a worst afternoon but it was a nice night :)

Well it's a bye now...