Thursday, August 16, 2012

I believe in Miracle...

Kent's Inspiration 2012
Chapter 2 : I believe in Miracle...

Many nights we prayed, with no proof anyone could hear,
in our hearts a hopeful song, we barely understood♪

Now we are not afraid, although we know there's much to fear,
we were moving mountains longs, before we knew we could~♪

"When you believe" - Whitney Houston feat. Mariah Carey

Hey guys :D

proudly announcing the Chapter 2 of Kent's Inspiration 2012
I believe in Miracle...
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NEW chapter, NEW spirit!!
NEW CONCEPT (Black and white)

Many said that the year 2012 is going to be the end of our world. Some believe yet many don't believe it at all including me. And anyway, it's just only a rumor which was being exaggerated by many people. In fact, the year 2012, to me, is an exciting year.

"If there are no ups and downs in your life, 
it means you are dead." 
- FunnyMama
There are always ups and downs in everyone's life, meaning there are always good and bad things which would happen to everyone.

"Life is like a roller-coaster, 
sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down".

While you're on the top, you may feel satisfied for what you have achieved. But while you're on the bottom, you mustn't give up but try and work harder to reach the top again.

For many years, I have joined more than 10 news reading competition but never could I win (except Jonshon's competition and P2S1). I am, in fact, a hate-to-lose young man. I tried and tried and I never gave up and at last, A miracle happened... Claristy and I had thought that we're going to lose, although I still had the faith that we could win and really, we grabbed a gold in this competition. My hard work got paid at last, and I am truly grateful for what I have achieved in this last year's news reading competition :)
I would like to say that breaking up with a girl you love doesn't mean that your world already ends. In fact, she has given you the chance to change what you are lack of. Just let her go. She might feel much happier to walk with the man she likes, am I true? :)) I really wanna thank her for making me single. She has changed my life, she has changed me to become a more caring person :) Thank you and always be happy dearest Michelle. I promise I would be one more romantic and tender guy :)

Becoming a teacher is not easy and I know that! This year's April, I applied a job in teaching field at one local school. I would love to be an English teacher before I pursue my study there. First thought, I would not be eligible but it's wrong :D My letter was approved and I was called for tests. Miracle?? I guessed so... Then, I was at last called for interview. And at last, I am officially an English teacher at IEC (International Education Center), Medan.

Scoring 7 for the three subjects in IELTS and 7.5 in listening surprised me a lot!! I expected a higher score for my speaking and listening actually, but my reading? Is this a miracle?? I believed that the reading was too difficult and every IELTS participant knew that.
Never had I been so angry to anyone. Yesterday, I taught two classes in the afternoon. Those two classes I teach actually get a special session, called assembly - singing together with other classes. It is held every week. And you know?? I was unleashing my wrath to those two classes after the assembly session.

  • Everything went well in the beginning but when it's near the end of my own class, they went very wild. Even worse, a school staff came and checked my form class (2-4 PM). "Oh My God!!" "I was going to be killed", I thought. Then running... They really ran like crazy after the assembly and they even didn't care for what I commanded. I was about to scold them until a student in my class fell down because she's pushed by the running students. Wrath Unleashed. And they were all shocked and the class became quiet suddenly. This was the first class I scolded like that. 
  • The next class was also the same but they were even wilder than my own class. After the assembly session, they just kept running and ignored me completely. What happened was, the same school staff scolded my students. She caught my students running when they were going back to the class. And this was already the second time!! "I was really going to be killed!!", I thought. After going back to the class, I suddenly shouted angrily and they all suddenly kept quiet. I could say they were shocked by looking from their faces... hahaha... And this was the second class I scolded.
MIRACLE HAPPENED!!! I was not called by her. Really!! Nothing happened :)

And, I know that my grades are not really satisfying and I was really over-worrying about this.. Could I really be admitted into BC with these distressing scores? 
Could I? Could I?? Could I??? 
Then yesterday, after I finished my teaching and unleashed my wrath, my mobile phone rang, and it was from my father. I opened his message and found "Kamu diterima" meaning "you are accepted". I was like, WAAAAAAAAHHH!!! I was really happy!! Miracle?? 

Finally, I wanna say "thank you" for this blog for giving me chance to improve my writing and to share my experience to others :D and I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the readers who have read my blog.. It is now more than 40,000 visitors who have been visiting my blog :DD

do you believe in miracle??
I do!! and I will always keep on believing!!

There can be miracles~ when you believe...

Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill♪

Who knows what miracles you can achieve

When you believe, somehow you will

You will when you believe~♪ 

"When You Believe" - Whitney Houston feat. Mariah Carey

Now let's play the Chapter 2 of Kent's Inspiration 2012. And I will become the main character in this game...

Kent's Inspiration 2012

Chapter 2 : I believe in Miracle...
journey begins...