Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's July 2012

Farewell June 2012!

June 2012 - this year's busiest month of mine

To me, teaching is the profession which everyone can do as everyone has ever been a student. Yeah, seriously!! 

I've worked at one local school since April 2012 and I work as an English teacher. I got lots of experiences from this occupation and now I'm having HOLIDAY after a long exhausting time... 
There are some advantages I can get from my new profession,

  • I am in the job where I must use my brain and mouth all the time
  • I can get to know lots of different kinds of students
  • I can train myself to be more patient :)
  • I am really challenged in this job!
There is "BUT"

  • I must check all of my students' work - essays, homework, tests
  • I have to work while my students are having holidays
  • I have to deal with my students who are uninterested in learning
  • I get relatively low salary (because I'm still new)
Since June 1st, I was commanded to make comments on my students and to supervise my classes for their Final Composition which took place from 30 May - 4 June and Final Written Test which was held from 14 - 19 June. It's the form teacher's must-do-job! And unluckily, I was the form teacher of three classes - level 2, level 9, and level 10.

Making comments was not as easy as I thought for it should be formal and long. And luckily it only took me 3 hours to complete the comments.. Fiuhh..

I was not only told to supervise and organize my classes for their Final Writing test, but also told to check and mark their essays TT__TT

Composition DONE!!
Next nightmare was to supervise my classes for their Final Written test. When I was supervising Level 9, I actually knew that some of my students were cheating. I just kept silent since I had also done such things in my school :PP but I didn't let them cheat all the time, so I sat behind them making them unable to cheat. Was I too hard on them?? hahaha..

Supervising DONE again!! 
Next horror was to check and mark their Test Paper

Mistakes in score would result in my boss sarcastic comments. It took me a week to finish all of these. I submitted those papers to my boss and let her check those stuffs. Luckily, I did no mistakes :)

Can you guess what's next??


Next was filling out the form, the score form I can say.. Filling out the form was the toughest work, I guess. I need not to make any mistakes and I had to count the averages, then I had to rank them and then I had to count their absence.. Really really many things to do, huh?

I made a mistake in counting the averages. Fortunately, my boss didn't scold me :) She just to told me to redo it again.. Fiuhh and Sighhh...

Well, I thought my nightmare has been over, BUT...


The next and final thing to do was filling out the SORs (Statement of Results). Anyway, they are report books called differently in this school.. hahaha... Not easy things to do anyway and I can say it's the second toughest work. Not even a single mistake should be made in this SORs. I filled out my students' scores, ranks, and I put my comments on their SORs.

And at last, everything is finish.. Fiuhh~♪

But it's still not finish actually since I should prepare my documents need to be submitted to my agent.. A copy of passport, report, testimonial, and.. a one-page-full essay (-_____-") I wrote my essay on Sunday and finished it on Sunday. It took me a day to finish this... Thanks to my friend, Linda who was willing to check and comment my essay :D Thanks a lotlotlot to her:DD

Other thing to mention: I learnt to drive a car with my parents last three weeks. I didn't feel very interested in driving a car anyway.. hahaha.. I was always scolded by my mom when I was trying to drive the car. How could she expect me to be good while I was just new to driving car? hahahaha..

And, bye JUNE 2012~
It's July now :D

What're your July wishes??

May all be blessed and be happy :D



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