Thursday, June 07, 2012

Golds to Celebrate

Helooo guys :)

P2S1 stands for "Pekan Prestasi Sutomo 1" is our school's annually competition... Now it's the 16th and held in June, previously it's held in January or February.

What I join in P2S1 is : Logo competition and Newsreading Couple

. . . Logo Competition . . .

The 16th P2S1 Logo I designed, looks like this :
They say that the Logo must not in 3d, so I made it like this.. haha.. The color red, green, blue and yellow must be used in the logo.. haha...

Well, the mascot is weird, isn't it?? hahaha... My friend said to me that the mascot looks very very funny and, of course, awkward.
I still don't know who wins this Logo Competition... But I really wish that I could win this competition :)) I want to donate another gold to H.O.T and I really want to win, really really want to win :)

. . .  Newsreading Couple . . .

This is the competition which is ONLY held in Sutomo 1 :)
I will regret, regret alotttttttt if I don't take part in this rare competition..

Good News : Claristy and I got GOLD in this competition :)

Yappp!! My first Gold in P2S1 :)) 
The most unexpected thing is we can win from Adriana (Adeline's sister) who  excels in newsreading thingy a lotttt.
Actually, I thought that we were not able to win the competition because we only practiced three times (practiced at 12.00 while the competition was at 1PM) and worse, we both made some mistakes in our performance but the fact is, 
hahaha.. :DD

Recent News : Fransisca just grabbed GOLD in Athletic competition :)
SECOND GOLD for H.O.T to celebrate :D

An artwork by Nemo (

dearest H.O.T,
Let's grab GOLD in our last P2S1 competition

GOLDS to Celebrate guys :)



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