Monday, May 28, 2012

Speaking Test


I am really such a FOOL!! I am really really a FOOLISH boy!!

You know what? Today's my IELTS speaking test and it went REALLY WORSE than I expected!! I was unable to reply one EASY question --> "HOW DO YOU ORGANIZE PHOTOGRAPH?" See?? Easy, isn't it?


TT_________________TT *Kenneth is crying

IELTS Speaking Test

Part 1 : Public Transportation, Car, Camera
He asked me, "Do you ever use public transportation?", "How do you travel?", "How can you tell that many teenagers are using cameras?", and bla.. bla... bla....

Part 2 : What vehicle do you prefer?? Describe, Why, advantages...
I don't know whether I really made it 2 minutes or not... He just kept quiet -____- but I hoped I made it 2 minutes..

Part 3 : General Question about Public Transportation
This part is asking me about general topic.
"How can the government improve the public transportation?", "how can the government reduce the amount of cars in the road?", "Who needs to pay for the road repair?", "How can the government .... ?"

GOD, Please lemme pass this IELTS test... PLEASE..!!
Okay guys :DD Hope my experiences in IELTS could help others :DD



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