Saturday, May 26, 2012

IELTS test

Hollaa guys :D

Today is Saturday, 26 May 2012!!! It's my first IELTS test..

Nervous, happy, feeling regret a little bit, sad, stress out, afraid, depressed, and bla.. bla.. bla..

Well Well, I wanna share today experience to you guys :DD

IELTS Listening
I was worrying like crazy about IELTS listening very much, but it's not very difficult

IELTS reading
I don't want to expect too much in this test :'(
3 very very long passages: (2 articles)
  • 12 YES/NO/NOT GIVEN question, 
  • match headings question (MOST DIFFICULT)
  • the rest is FILL IN THE BLANK
IELTS writing
Task 1 --> describe the two maps (there are some changes in the park)
Task 2 --> Government should spend money to support the arts, while some believe that it's better that they spend money to improve health and education.

IELTS speaking
Next Monday, Wish me luck guys :DD