Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day


I have been abandoning this blog for three weeks, huh?? -_______-"" sorry my blog TT__TT

Well, anyway, I wanna tell you that I WAS ADMITTED!! hahaha... I was admitted in IEC (International Education Centre). I am a teacher now, an English teacher to be exact :DD

Yep, I'm happy, lie if I'm saying that I'm not happy. but I also feel tired, veryveryvery damn tired!! yeah, of course it's tiring!! I have never heard anyone saying working is very relaxing haha...

After a day of working, I learnt lots of things... I just learnt that earning money is tough, in fact very very tough from what I have ever thought. Then, I also figured out that becoming a teacher is much much much much much tiring than becoming a student!! I don't lie, seriously!!

Okay, okay, I think I've been out of topic... Anyway, Today is Mother's Day!! And I want to say:


A Mother's Day card by traceylovesmom (

Thank you Mum for your advice, for your kindness, for your words, for your cares, for your attention, for EVERYTHING

Happy Mother's Day
my most beloved mother♥♥

Thank you for bringing me to this world, thank you for everything you have given to me, and thank you for loving me, mum...

I am grateful to have Mum like you; Mum who always supports me for what I want, Mum who always does the best for me, Mum who always believes in me, Mum who always stands beside me whenever I need her... Words can never ever describe your love to me...

And tradaaa~~~ tomorrow, will be ..... (to be continued)



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