Monday, May 14, 2012

18th Birthday

"Yay, it's May!!!" I shouted on every first day of May.

I love May very very much :D This year's May, 14 May 2012, have turned me 18. I'm grown up, no longer kids to anyone, except to my mom and dad :)

As the month of my birth, May means a lot to me. May is the month of Mother's Day, the month of Vesakha, the month of President Kennedy's birthday, and the month of my birthday :D (These are all I know haha...) But one thing which is so special to me: my birthday is on the week/day of Mother's day. I love you so much Mum :') Thank you Mum

My birthday wishes:
  • Be more mature
  • Let my past be my past, go on the present for my future :)
  • Pass IELTS :) 8 => my minimal target
  • Be more artistic, creative, and diligent :)
  • Be a good teacher to my students :)
  • Be slimmer
  • Be valuable to many people
  • Be a good boy at home :))
  • and BE A GOOD ARCHITECTURE STUDENT by January 2013 :)
I wanna thank all of my friends who sent me Happy Birthday greetings and wishes, specially to Jeje, my desk mate, who said "Happy Birthday" at 12 Midnight.. haha.. SUPER Thanks a lot Je.

One thing, one thing that made me sad today was when one of my friend said, "Happy Birthday and Long last" what? "Long last"??? It seriously broke my heart. And worse, it's retweeted by many of my friends haha.. But I really thank you all for remembering my birthday and sent me birthday greetings and wishes :)

Another announcement: I'm officially single XD Now, just a single boy who doesn't want to be in a special relationship... 



  1. the cake looks familiar :D is it Clover's :9 ? anyway happy birthday to you *once more :p* so you're 19 now ^^v haha just kidding

    1. Yep :)) haha.. Thanks a lot :DD Not 19 (Too Old haha..) I just turned 18 (19 is in Chinese)