Friday, April 13, 2012

High School's Final Chapter


Last Wednesday was actually my last day of school (I AM GRADUATING baby!in Sutomo I and I will have to prepare the battle against National Examination. Desperately saying, I am not ready!! :(

Well, on that last day of school, I took quite a lot of pictures with my friends. Don't get me wrong! I am not one narcissistic student haha. I am just not used to taking pictures with my friends, but if I didn't do it, I will probably be regretting for losing some precious moments on that day :) 

Here are some pictures I took that day :

Michelle, I could say she's my ex
But why am I still so attached with you? I wonder.

And here to my precious and pretty best friends,
Cynthia, Linda, Monica, Jessica Justine (Jeje) and Jessica (jeje)

AH! I messed up! I just realized that I did not have a picture of my Kelvin and Jessica.
Ah Yes! Another Jessica ;)

The H.O.T w/ first and second year form teacher

With Ross and Tjoriman, Andy, Lie Lie, Rudi (or Rudy?) and Tjiek Kie (did I spell correctly?)

With my NR partner, Claristy

And with friends and classmates (and ex-classmates)


Thanks for being such good friends to me everyone! :)


Friends from SD (primary)
Oh! I see Michele! and Vio ;*


AND say hello to JONSHON-ers

I see a happy little red riding family

Jessica: Hey Sil, you know what?
Silviana: Know what?
Jessica: I AM H.O.T
Silviana: (starring at jeje)
It's a lame joke je hahaha..

I don't like repeating but, well, Imma say it again: Thanks for being such great friends to me! I really appreciate for maintaining this friendship till this moment. I just wanna say I am nothing without you. Ah! I am just exaggerating but seriously, you guys are very important to me :)

To my preciously beautiful friends and my Kelvin, thanks so much for being so reliable. You guys are always there for me. And to all of my friends, thanks for always helping me out when I was in trouble, was desperate and when I did something wrong, and more importantly, thanks for trusting me to be your class treasurer for two academic years (to H.O.T) and your class monitor for, okay, hm... one and a half academic year (to teman SD)

And, gweenkent will soon see you in another post. Have a great day :)


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