Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Best for Us

Decision has been made and I will let it flow, flow like water~

Everything in the past is now just a sweet memory, a memory which indeed I'll never ever forget!! I'll let the girl I've been chasing for years go, and fall to other man's hand. Well, it hurts but that's what we know as LOVE

I know it hurts, it is a pain to me to lose a girl I loved. But what can I do?? Forcing her to be in my side again? Oh No!! I'm sorry, I can't do that!! I'm not a type of man like that haha.

In love, every single man or woman must have ever experienced "losing someone". Don't worry! If you really love that girl/boy, you should be able to let him/her go, or maybe no. Maybe I am acting like a stupid one who Just let my sweetheart go. Maybe it could be the best for you and yours. Yet I am still wondering, I am doing it right? But now, I am going just to let her go, let her be in other man's arm because I believe that she'll surely be much happier with him. That's her choice.

She's the first girl that I am really serious with and it pains me when she decided to leave me. It hurts, a lot. But I have already known that long-distance relationship really won't work. She's going to Jakarta to pursue her study in accounting and I am in Seattle. Or perhaps? This is the problem? Cause I know she gets jealous very easily.

But I'm not giving up on girls!! I won't and I'll find another one. who knows I can find one who is much better than her ;) Only, I am not really interested in it now. Let the scarce on this heart fly away first, let me focus my study first, then I'll find another better woman :)

Thank you Michele!! I hope all the best for you and Always be happy. I'll always support you in every choice you make cause you deserve to be happy :)



  1. Kenneth, I'm totally agree with you :'). Be strong, my friend :)

    1. haha... thanks Wi :) Feeling much better now, actually..