Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Will Take That Risk!!

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Stunning, isn't it??

Mommy then asked me, "Are you ready to take that risk ?".

I am ready, very ready to take the risks. How risky it is, I will never ever change my mind to be an Architect!! It is my childhood dream to be one great architect in the world!!

I have asked 10 people who take architecture degree abroad (outside Indonesia), and 5 out of 10 told me that Architecture is very hard to master, the rest told me that they regretted taking architecture for their further study, and only one who said that architecture is a very nice subject to learn... Well, thank you guys for sharing your experiences but whatever it is, I will always stick to my dream to be Architect.

The four who regretted told me that they are such fools to take arch. degree, instead they took business. They think this way : "I am a businessman-to-be who can earn high salary, if I want to build a luxurious house, I can hire an architect. Why do I need to be so tired??". Well, if they have that on their mind, yeah, they must have regretted a lot for taking architecture..

But they did not encourage me to take business but supported me a lot to take architecture for they failed to master this course. Thanks bro!! They also gave me advice; Architecture is not easy to learn, few people succeed in this course, but once you have successfully learn it, you will become a successful architect. 
A good advice, no?

I know that architecture is difficult to learn, and I will probably not have enough sleep. And I will be zombified by my own major. And I heard even more horror stories. I will not enjoy your life as a student in college like every other person does. I will have so much due-the-next-day-but-I-cannot-finish-them-in-a-day assignments. Come to think of it, this career sounds pretty scary huh? But who cares? It's not like I am deciding to take this major yesterday, or a month ago, or two months ago.

Another risk that I am going to and have to face is UNEMPLOYMENT. As I read from Daily Wildcat, architecture yields highest unemployment rate!! about 13.9%. read here for more information... But things change and perhaps, when I graduate, architecture becomes the highest paid career. Who knows?

Questions : why architect? Why not other major??

For me, Architect is probably the most rewarding subject to learn, seriously! Do you get the feeling when you design something and have that built, and your design makes people's life comfortable? Or when you see your design being appreciated? Or when you inspire other people with your design? Do you? I see myself as a person like that in the future.

Well, often heard that people say architects get no life! I will search for inspiration then sit down, and design. And that will be my life. Well, again.. who cares? It sucks for others but I can already imagine myself being in that situation. Ah~ I am going to enjoy and love my life as an architect.

Ah yes! There is one other reason. I am not interested in medicine, or science, and subject-not-relating-to-art whatsoever.

I have a dream, a big dream! Becoming one greatest architect in the world, that's my dream!! It must be a long journey, I know. But no matter what, I am going to walk the path I have chosen. And when I stick my mind on a particular thing, I am going to do it. There's no stopping me! I mean it when I say it :)



  1. good luck kenneth ;D wish you nothing but the best for your architecture study ~ oh well don't worry about the unemployment thing, perhaps I'll be needing your help later in the future when I'm about to build my house of dream :b

  2. Thanks Angela :D All the best for your pastry study too in Sydney :D Will gonna visit your bakery in the future :)

  3. I'm not "flying" to Sydney right after my SHS is over :( I need to wait til I earn my bachelor degree here then I'm allowed to go for my pastry degree >o< but it's worth the wait :') I'll tell you when the bakery is already established :b thanks for your prayer ;D

  4. Okay Angela XD Best luck for you :D