Friday, March 23, 2012

Memory Album of XII-SCI-03

Guys!! today I'm showing up again XD pata~~ This is one of hundreds reasons why I have been absent for quite a long time... I have been making a memory album for my class, fun yet tiring, really really tiring... pata~

you know, Larry (the H.O.T's president) told me to make it in Ms Word, so I made the album there and it took a week to finish the album. I had to crop, resize, and edit the photos before sending them to Microsoft Word (this is the most time-consuming and tiring part)... Then suddenly, he told me to redo it in Adobe Photoshop.... patapatapatapatapata!!! geezzzz.... But redoing it was much easier, It only took a day to finish, but I do it from 3 PM to late night...

Anyway, I wanna express my biggest gratitude for both Lia and Maria, who were helping me doing the memory album and giving me inspirations :) and also I wanna thank all the people who have given contribution to this album by sharing their great artworks in the internet :)

The album contains 9 pages,

1. The first page is --> The opening;
Designed with the background of dark and fire curtains on both sides, right and left. Then with our motto plus a four-red-dice which shows the academic year... I decorated H.O.T's members' names and formed the number 3 in the middle of the page... and don't forget the bomb :)

2. The second page is --> The greetings;
I designed the second page with the photos of form teacher, monitor, vice-monitor, secretary and treasurer... I want the second page gives the sensation of greeting so I put a photo on the right-bottom side (this photo, for me, kinda gives a warm welcome to people) and plus I colored this page with light red to give a lively sensation :)

3. The third page is --> The Friendship Clock;
The third page is actually taken from someone's idea (forget the name but thank you very much miss)... but thanks to her for giving me such inspiration... but everybody in my class still doesn't know why I design a clock... It actually means, "even if time flies and passes by and we are all finding our own ways of life, we are all still belong to H.O.T's!!" Thanks to for the friendship quotes :)

4. The fourth to the seventh page is --> List of H.O.T's Members;
The pages are designed randomly with colorful ink-splashing borders... I also designed with mini bombs and splashing inks :) well, page 6 is kinda special and a bit different because in this page, There are both king and queen of H.O.T!! Let's meet and greet them :)

5. The eighth page is --> Tribute to form teachers;
A page to show and express H.O.T's deep gratitude to form teachers of X-03, XI-Science-03, and XII-Science-03. I decorated this page with red like-water borders, teachers in love borders, transparent and blur photos of memory, and a bomb :)

6. The last page is --> The closing;
Last page means closing.. So to end the memory album, I decorated it with two photos; up (a photo of girls jumping) while down (a photo of boys jumping). and again, thanks to for the friendship quotes :)

Again, thanks to my friends, to you who have viewed my blog, and to people who have contributed to this memory album.. pata :)



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