Thursday, March 22, 2012

H.O.T Inauguration Party


Long time no blogging guys... Feels kinda sorry for my long absence. This Monday, I've just finished my last semester test. Happy?? Sure! But oh uh, The UN (National Examination) is coming nearer and in this dragon year of 2012, I have to register for the university. yayy!! going to graduate from this school... overjoyed yet depressed (because I have never been in university)...

I'd like to tell you that my semester test is slightly much better than the previous semester test, except for physics and biology. You know guys, again I was feeling unwell on the day before the physics test... (I don't know why but it is already the fourth time I have been sick on the day before physics test). The rest are quite okay and the most okay would probably be the religion test :)

By the way, I want to share our H.O.T inauguration party photos to you guys, Here enjoy :)

The Early Bird
A Souvenir for every teacher who is invited (by Lia and friends)
Photos with my friends :)

Me and Jeje, the H.O.T ???
The Girls...
Then, H.O.T is at last inaugurated by Sir Andy
Next : A performance by XII - SCIENCE 03;  TEACHER'S PARODY

This parody idea came from Lia and me... and the script is by me, and edited by Claristy and friends... Well let's begin the parody.. pata~
  • lesson 1 : Chemistry X-03 (Ms Dahniar) performed by LIA AGUSTINI
  • lesson 2 : History XII-SCI-03 (Mr Ponirin) performed by RICKY KUMALA

In this break time, I sang "I'll be there" with one of my friend, JULIANA

  • lesson 3 : Chemistry XII-SCI-03 (Sir Andy) performed by KENNETH ANGGARA, it's me again...
Here are some photos of me while acting :)

Me as Sir Andy comes in to the class
Asking random students to answer the questions
Walking and checking students' unfinished HW
Giving punishment to Lia, the most humorous girl in H.O.T class

  • lesson 4 : English XI-SCI-03 (Miss Liang Hui San) performed by CLARISTY
  • lesson 5 : Mandarin XII-SCI-03 (Miss Tan Tjin Tjin) performed by CATHERINE
  • lesson 6 : Physics XII-SCI-03 (Mr Manaek) performed by RICKY KUMALA
  • lesson 7 : English XI-SCI-03 (Ms Yeni) performed by MARIA
  • lesson 8 : Mathematics XI-SCI-03 (Ms Lie Lie) performed by CLARISTY
  • last lesson : English XII-SCI-03 (Mr Hapis) performed by STEVENT
Other photos :
Putera as Lady Gagal; a product from Mr Andy and Ceha and Gabi
Erni chosen as the best dress in the party.. and Devani as the most favorite member in H.O.T How Cool!!
(Right to Left) Nixon, the most Humorous; Willy, the most Original and Lawrence, the most Talented
(Left to right) Jessica chosen to be the QUEEN of H.O.T and Steven to be the KING of H.O.T while Christine to be the HOTTEST!! Great!!
Photo Session with form teachers, the King and the Queen, Monitor and his member
The Party ENDS!!
That's all guys :) thanks for visiting...



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