Monday, February 06, 2012

What is In My Mind Now?

"What is in my mind now?" the title today tells you what I'm considering right now.. Yes, I have a lot of things to consider actually. I have to think twice for my decisions!! or I'll be making my wrong steps. (I don't want to regret after taking my own ways!!)
In my mind now
  • Can I really be more independent than I'm now??
  • Can I really take care of myself well there??
  • Can I do well there??
  • Can I make friends there??
  • Can I get the job after graduating?? --> worries me so much...
  • Can I live there during winter?? --> I'm so worry...
  • How about if I experience "Culture Shock"?? What should I do?
  • Can I, Can I, Can I ... ?
These thoughts always haunt me whenever I make my own choice to study there. I should really think twice before making the right decision. I hope I can handle my negative-thinking minds... Whatever my decision is, it should be the best for me, is it not?


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