Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Moodbar Today

I'm really not in a good mood today. My mood now is SO BADDD so I just gonna make another short post!! Today is another tiring day...
H.O.T (our class name) are having a photo session today and it took, you know, 5 hours (2 hours waiting for them, btw I arrived there at 12.30)

My Moodbar :
waking up in the morning : Very good!!
typing the drama script : Very good...
Printer doesn't work : Bad!!
11 o'clock and haven't had breakfast and taken bath : Very Bad!!
Dine in Nelayan Suki, Cambridge City : Normal!
Reached Graha (a place) : Normal...
Getting scolded and warned by the officers : Bad
Waiting for the others for approximately 2 hours : Bad!!
Tiring photo sessions : Very Bad!!!
Sweating a lot : Very Very Bad!!
Shopping at Berastagi (a plaza) : Bad!!
Reached home : Very Bad!!!
Printer doesn't work again : Very Very Very Very BADDD!!!
Now : Very Very Very Very Very Very Very BADDD!!!  

To tell you, I am really a moody person, My mood can change every time... When I am really in a good shape, I seem to smile a lot, but when I am really in a bad shape, Don't try to make me mad!! To be truthful, I am really an over-emotional person!! Yeah, it's true!! Seems that a lot of my friends say that I am good and nice, but they have never seen my dark side (I'm really not lying)... I'm really warning you, You should really not make me mad unless ...



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