Friday, February 10, 2012

Late 2012 wish-list

Was supposed to post this in the early 2012, but haha... you know, I was so LAZYY that time -_______- really really lazy... I gonna post this today but let's make it short.

My 2012 wish-list is : (so many actually, but I think these 10 are what I want the most this year)
  • Be allowed to go to my most desired University
  • Be allowed to learn riding a car and motorcycle
  • Be allowed to own a motorcycle
  • PS3, I want you!! Papa, please gimme!!
  • Be more independent, thinner, and taller
  • Be more hardworking and brilliant, patient and polite!!
  • Be more artistic and imaginative...
  • I want a tablet (not medicine!!) I want a Wacom Intuos 4 (this is what Mr Lowell suggested me to buy)
  • I want a MAC BOOK!! It will soon be very important to me...
  • I wanna be more serious with her!!
Seriously!! I wanna show it to her before that day...



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