Saturday, February 04, 2012

Childhood Dreams

Hi guys!! Welcome back XD

Firstly, I want to wish the best for every of my friends who are having the NUS test today and the following day, GOOD LUCK MATES!! And secondly, the most exciting one, My Childhood Dreams ;)

I am so thrilled, so extremely HAPPY!! but before I go to far, you guys wanna know my childhood dreams? I will gonna tell you only ONE.. The others are still kept as my biggest secret :)

It's been my dream to study far away from my homeland, Indonesia... It's not that I hate Indonesia or what but I mean, to study there has really been my dream, my ambition, and my goal... When I was only in primary 2, I have been so interested with that place, so interested that I really WISHED I could go there to broaden my knowledge.
Since last two days, my mom has... at last agreed to... allow me to study in Seattle, USA :D I feel veryveryvery gratified :)  

I bet she would never change her mind, again!!

Question : Why am I so interested in USA?
I dunno why actually, but I think USA is a wonderful place to live (although the living cost is quite more expensive than in here). I think I have a good relation with "America" in my previous life, maybe I have lived there or what, who knows? But actually, I think it's like this.
When I was in my mom's womb, my mommy always said to me (this is what I heard from my mom) that she wanted me to get higher education in America... As I was born and I grew up (I was in primary 2 that time, maybe 7 or 8 y.o that time), I told my mom that I wanted to further my study there, and of course, my mom was so SHOCKEDD!! She had never told me that before, a BIG surprise and question mark (?) to my mom... you think so too?? maybe because of my mom's saying that I fall in love with that place...

My Plan : 2 years college + 2 years University

-->College in Seattle, the exact college has not been verified... but I think it's Bellevue College.
-->University in Manhattan, and it will be Kansas State University (still in doubt whether the college can transfer anyone to this university, I dunno -___-)

Question : Isn't it too far to study there?
I told you, DON'T EVER SAY THIS TO MY MOM!! Or she will change her mind again, TT__TT I don't want it.

Last Question : Any friends to go with??
Since now, I haven't found any... If there is one, I also dunno... maybe Linda (But I think she is just joking).

okay guys, TIME UP!! Going to continue playing the Sims 3 :))



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