Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hit the LIKES!!

Hi guys, It's been long long long time... Haven't been updating this blog for weeks... -_____- it's because I'm going to face Semester Test (last one in my high school), and UN (the National Indonesia Examination)... Wish me luck guys :DD

While Ms Gomez's song is "Hit the Lights", mine is "Hit the likes" :PP but anyway, I really really need your help guys.

Your vote is so meaningful to us :DD
Remember to ask your friends of friends of friends of friends to like this :DD

Announcement : I'll not be updating my blog maybe for months, preparing for the upcoming big tests... -_______- thanks anyway :DD



Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Moodbar Today

I'm really not in a good mood today. My mood now is SO BADDD so I just gonna make another short post!! Today is another tiring day...
H.O.T (our class name) are having a photo session today and it took, you know, 5 hours (2 hours waiting for them, btw I arrived there at 12.30)

My Moodbar :
waking up in the morning : Very good!!
typing the drama script : Very good...
Printer doesn't work : Bad!!
11 o'clock and haven't had breakfast and taken bath : Very Bad!!
Dine in Nelayan Suki, Cambridge City : Normal!
Reached Graha (a place) : Normal...
Getting scolded and warned by the officers : Bad
Waiting for the others for approximately 2 hours : Bad!!
Tiring photo sessions : Very Bad!!!
Sweating a lot : Very Very Bad!!
Shopping at Berastagi (a plaza) : Bad!!
Reached home : Very Bad!!!
Printer doesn't work again : Very Very Very Very BADDD!!!
Now : Very Very Very Very Very Very Very BADDD!!!  

To tell you, I am really a moody person, My mood can change every time... When I am really in a good shape, I seem to smile a lot, but when I am really in a bad shape, Don't try to make me mad!! To be truthful, I am really an over-emotional person!! Yeah, it's true!! Seems that a lot of my friends say that I am good and nice, but they have never seen my dark side (I'm really not lying)... I'm really warning you, You should really not make me mad unless ...



Friday, February 10, 2012

Late 2012 wish-list

Was supposed to post this in the early 2012, but haha... you know, I was so LAZYY that time -_______- really really lazy... I gonna post this today but let's make it short.

My 2012 wish-list is : (so many actually, but I think these 10 are what I want the most this year)
  • Be allowed to go to my most desired University
  • Be allowed to learn riding a car and motorcycle
  • Be allowed to own a motorcycle
  • PS3, I want you!! Papa, please gimme!!
  • Be more independent, thinner, and taller
  • Be more hardworking and brilliant, patient and polite!!
  • Be more artistic and imaginative...
  • I want a tablet (not medicine!!) I want a Wacom Intuos 4 (this is what Mr Lowell suggested me to buy)
  • I want a MAC BOOK!! It will soon be very important to me...
  • I wanna be more serious with her!!
Seriously!! I wanna show it to her before that day...



Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Check this out!!

Guys, you should check this out!! Seriously, he is so talented! Who is he actually?? He is a violinist, Jun Sung Ahn. (This is what my friend, Jessica, suggested me to see. if she doesn't tell me, I'll never know and check it) You're now lucky guys to have me here share this video :PP *joke

Here are 3 videos that I'd love to share (these 3 are my favorite), the rest you could check it on youtube :)

Christina Perri's A thousand Years
Adele's Someone Like You

David Guetta's Without You

oh yeah!! I wanna thanks Linda for tagging me in her newest post XDD your new post is so .... (I can't describe it with words) *moved after seeing Linda's post



Monday, February 06, 2012

What is In My Mind Now?

"What is in my mind now?" the title today tells you what I'm considering right now.. Yes, I have a lot of things to consider actually. I have to think twice for my decisions!! or I'll be making my wrong steps. (I don't want to regret after taking my own ways!!)
In my mind now
  • Can I really be more independent than I'm now??
  • Can I really take care of myself well there??
  • Can I do well there??
  • Can I make friends there??
  • Can I get the job after graduating?? --> worries me so much...
  • Can I live there during winter?? --> I'm so worry...
  • How about if I experience "Culture Shock"?? What should I do?
  • Can I, Can I, Can I ... ?
These thoughts always haunt me whenever I make my own choice to study there. I should really think twice before making the right decision. I hope I can handle my negative-thinking minds... Whatever my decision is, it should be the best for me, is it not?


Saturday, February 04, 2012

Childhood Dreams

Hi guys!! Welcome back XD

Firstly, I want to wish the best for every of my friends who are having the NUS test today and the following day, GOOD LUCK MATES!! And secondly, the most exciting one, My Childhood Dreams ;)

I am so thrilled, so extremely HAPPY!! but before I go to far, you guys wanna know my childhood dreams? I will gonna tell you only ONE.. The others are still kept as my biggest secret :)

It's been my dream to study far away from my homeland, Indonesia... It's not that I hate Indonesia or what but I mean, to study there has really been my dream, my ambition, and my goal... When I was only in primary 2, I have been so interested with that place, so interested that I really WISHED I could go there to broaden my knowledge.
Since last two days, my mom has... at last agreed to... allow me to study in Seattle, USA :D I feel veryveryvery gratified :)  

I bet she would never change her mind, again!!

Question : Why am I so interested in USA?
I dunno why actually, but I think USA is a wonderful place to live (although the living cost is quite more expensive than in here). I think I have a good relation with "America" in my previous life, maybe I have lived there or what, who knows? But actually, I think it's like this.
When I was in my mom's womb, my mommy always said to me (this is what I heard from my mom) that she wanted me to get higher education in America... As I was born and I grew up (I was in primary 2 that time, maybe 7 or 8 y.o that time), I told my mom that I wanted to further my study there, and of course, my mom was so SHOCKEDD!! She had never told me that before, a BIG surprise and question mark (?) to my mom... you think so too?? maybe because of my mom's saying that I fall in love with that place...

My Plan : 2 years college + 2 years University

-->College in Seattle, the exact college has not been verified... but I think it's Bellevue College.
-->University in Manhattan, and it will be Kansas State University (still in doubt whether the college can transfer anyone to this university, I dunno -___-)

Question : Isn't it too far to study there?
I told you, DON'T EVER SAY THIS TO MY MOM!! Or she will change her mind again, TT__TT I don't want it.

Last Question : Any friends to go with??
Since now, I haven't found any... If there is one, I also dunno... maybe Linda (But I think she is just joking).

okay guys, TIME UP!! Going to continue playing the Sims 3 :))